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Into 2024 & Solasta Sourcebook Reprint Survey

Into 2024 & Solasta Sourcebook Reprint Survey

Hey there folks! 

It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Just letting you know that the Tactical Adventure Team is still alive and kicking - working hard on our next project that we hope you guys and gals will love!

We can't really reveal much for now, but we'll share a little concept art for now :)

While you wait for more news, we also have some more stuff for your Solasta enthusiasts! You were many to ask for it... and we are now looking to do just that. Would you be interested in a new print of the Solasta Sourcebook, with the addition of all the new classes and subclasses?📖

Let us know here: https://forms.gle/AC9CCC7aZbjQK9Le9


5 February 2024
Palace of Ice - Full Release Patch Notes

Palace of Ice - Full Release Patch Notes

Palace of Ice Full Release Trailer is now out!

Palace of Ice DLC Content:

  • The Palace of Ice campaign is now available in single and multiplayer, a level 10-16 adventure that will take 25h+ to finish!
  • Added save file import for the Palace of Ice Campaign (characters need to be level 12 or below and have no custom items).
  • Added the Gnome and Tiefling to the Character Creator
  • Added Snowy Forest, Dwarven Interior, Dwarven Outdoor and Mountain Cave environments to the Dungeon Maker
  • Added Palace of Ice monsters to the Dungeon Maker
  • Added 3 new Palace of Ice musical tracks to the Dungeon Maker
  • Added 30 Achievements for Palace of Ice

Solasta: Lightbringers Edition

New to the world of Solasta? Grab your torches and join us with the Lightbringers Edition! Get the full experience of Solasta with all its DLCs in a single package - with all the ancestries, classes and subclasses unlocked. Be it alone or with friends with our Online Co-op, enjoy hundreds of hours of playtime through the three official campaigns: Crown of the Magister, Lost Valley and Palace of Ice. And if that's not enough, check out all the Custom Campaigns made by talented members of the community... or become a dungeon creator yourself with the Dungeon Maker tool! The Solasta Lightbringers Edition contains:

  • Crown of the Magister: The original level 1-12 campaign. From fledgling adventurers to saviours of Masgarth, this 40h+ campaign will take you through the Badlands in search of ancient artifacts to stand against a mysterious threat.
  • Palace of Ice: A level 10-16 campaign, it is the continuation of Crown of the Magister and Solasta's last DLC. Venture north into the lands of the Snow Alliance to help your allies and end the Sorak menace once and for all! Also unlocks the Gnome and Tiefling ancestries.
  • Lost Valley: A stand-alone level 1-12 campaign. Trapped by accident in an isolated valley where Manacalon's ancient traditions still rule, the party must find a way to escape by allying with various factions jumping at each other's throat. Also unlocks an additional subclass for each class.
  • Primal Calling: Unlocks the Barbarian & Druid classes, as well as the Half-Orc ancestry.
  • Inner Strength: Unlocks the Warlock, Bard & Monk classes, as well as the Dragonborn ancestry.
  • Supporter Pack: Enjoy additional dice to choose from in the option menu, as well as a plethora of high-quality concept art from the development of the game!

Free Content Update:

While downloading the update, come and watch the Community Video for more details on the DLC content.


  • Solasta is now playable on Steam Deck! Hurray!
  • AI should now make decisions faster during their turn.
  • Made more optimization changes in all locations which impact the entire game, such as paladin aura or areas with a lot of vegetation.
  • Loot that would drop in unreachable areas (for instance when an enemy is shoved into a pit) will now spawn at one of the party member’s feet.
  • Level 13 to 16 are now available in Custom Campaigns. Note that Crown of the Magister and Lost Valley are still capped at level 12 due to balance reasons and to avoid making the save files incompatible with Palace of Ice.
  • Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Half-Elves are all receiving 6 new faces to choose from (3 Male / 3 Female).
  • Incapacitated tooltip now correctly states that it prevents taking action, reaction and movement (unlike the Tabletop rules, incapacitated in Solasta has always been a “skip turn” condition).
  • Frightened tooltip no longer states that target can’t get closer to the source of their fear (this feature had never been implemented so the tooltip was incorrect).
  • The Attunement Menu now separates magic items in each character inventory (instead of showing all magic items) to make it easier to find the magic item you want to attune to.
  • Added feedback when an attuned item effect is not currently active because it is not equipped correctly.
  • Changed the “Allow Attuning Unknown Items” optional setting into “Auto Detect Magic & Identify Items”.
  • Concentration now properly breaks when Incapacitated, Stunned or Paralyzed.
  • Level 5 Spell Mind Twist now affects ALL targets in the AoE instead of enemies only. The spell was just too strong in its current iteration with its AoE CC & damage, overshadowing other spells of the same level and even higher level ones - it’s still as powerful as before but you will have to be more careful about positioning your party.
  • Druid’s Wildshape forms now display the different attacks in the combat UI.
  • Added the Subtle Spell Metamagic (Sorcerer), which prevents enemy from casting counterspell when used.


  • Armors now have a different icon depending on the character’s body type.
  • Maul of the Destroyer now stuns for 1 round instead of 1d3 rounds.
  • Fixed one version of the Souldrinker Dagger dealing +1d4 force damage instead of dealing +2d4 psychic damage.
  • Fixed some magic weapons giving +1 ATK bonus without giving +1 DMG bonus.
  • Fixed some magic weapons giving +1 / +2 DMG bonus multiple times (once per damage type).
  • Fixed some magic items not having the correct rarity.
  • Fixed passive magic properties not being active if the item isn’t identified and doesn’t require attunement (according to the TTRPG rules, as long as the item doesn’t require attunement, passive bonuses are active whether you are aware of them or not while active bonuses however need to be identified to be used).
  • Rapier of Harmony can now also cast Haste once per day and its bonus psychic damage can no longer be halved by succeeding a WIS saving throw (considering it needs to be attuned and is limited to Bards, we wanted to give it a little more oompf).
  • Removed class restriction for a few magic items, such as Cheater (dagger).
  • Flaming, Corrosive & Flash Arrows / Bolt now deal +1d4 (instead of +1d6) but no longer allow for a DEX saving throw (I mean the arrow already hit the enemy, that’s what the AC is for).
  • Levitating boots can now correctly be used at will (instead of once per hour).
  • Removed Attunement Requirement on some more situational items (or that shouldn’t need attunement in the first place): Boots of Elvenkind, Boots of First Strike, Bracers of Sparkles, Chime of Opening, Pipe of Haunting, Ring of Darkvision, Ring of Feather Falling, Ring of All Words, Ring of the Ambassador, The Amendment.
  • Added Attunement Requirement on Belt of Regeneration and magic items that give damage resistance.
  • Ring of the Lightbringers can now cast both Shine and Light at will.
  • Fixed Staff of Metis giving +2 to Int Skill Check instead of just +2 INT.
  • Staff of Fire’s spells are now DC 17 instead of DC 13 (Staves in Solasta unfortunately can’t use the caster’s spellcasting DC).
  • Dwarven Plate’s tooltip now properly states that it also grants advantage on Constitution Saving Throws.
  • Ring of Regeneration and Belt of Regeneration now properly state that they work only when the wearer is above 1 HP. Note that this is different from the level 7 Regenerate Spell that keeps working even if the target is reduced to 0 HP.


Poisons are a neat little way to deal a little more damage, but it often felt like it was just not worth the effort. A single vial could take as much time to craft as a magic weapon, and it’s single use only. In combat, the low DC would mean monsters would often succeed their CON saving throw, completely negating the bonus damage. On top of which, many monsters are resistant if not straight up immune to poison damage! So, we decided to make a few changes to help our poison-loving friends a little.

  • Fixed vial version of Deep Pain rolling a Dex Save instead of a Con save.
  • Fixed the vial version of Ghoul’s Caress, The Burden & The Long Night saving throw triggering at the start instead of the end of the victim’s turn.
  • Fixed the arrow/bolt version of The Long Night not allowing for a saving throw at the end of each turn and not having the proper duration.
  • Buffed all craftable poisons to deal half-damage instead of no damage on a successful saving throw.
  • Buffed all craftable poisons CON DC from 10 - 15 to the following based on their rarity:
    • Common (DC 11): Basic Poison (+1d4).
    • Uncommon (DC 13): Arivad’s Kiss (+1d6), Arun’s Light (Blinded), Brimstone Fang (+2d4), Dark Stab (+1d8), Maraike’s Torpor (Poisoned).
    • Rare (DC 15): The Burden (Restrained), Ghoul’s Caress (+1d8 / Paralyze), Deep Pain (+2d8), The Long Night (+1d4, +1d4 at the end of each turn).
    • Very Rare (DC 17): Tiger Fang (+3d6).
    • Legendary (DC 19): Queen Spider’s Blood (+3d8 / Poisoned).
  • All poisons crafting duration have been massively lowered (read Crafting section below, consumable).
  • The Spider Queen will now also drop a Spider Queen Poison Gland required to craft the Queen Spider’s Blood (was previously missing from the drop table).


 As time went by, we’ve come to realize that some powerful items in Solasta simply do not have the correct price. While there isn’t any issue shelling a couple hundreds of gold coins to get a small boost such as boots that gives you +3 to your initiative rolls, being able to set your Strength to 19 for a mere 1,500 gold by purchasing a Gauntlet of Ogre Power is a little too much. Originally, we wanted to have players find most of their magic items through combat and exploration, with shops (and crafting) being here to compensate for poor RNG. As such, we have decided to make some adjustments to the prices of more powerful magic items. Please let us know after playing some more how you feel about it, as it’s possible further adjustments will be needed.

  • Adjusted the price of most magic items depending on their properties and rarity.


I’m sure those of you who’ve tried crafting magic items noticed, crafting can sometimes take a long time... a... very... long... time. While the long travel distance between locations often offsets that issue in Crown of the Magister, those who’ve experienced Lost Valley probably felt that quite keenly - with many just deciding to chain multiple long rests in order to finish crafting their magic item. Another problem was that the existing system had some inconsistencies, with some uncommon items requiring up to 48h of crafting while some rare ones only needing 24h. This is why we also decided to make some tweaks to the numbers. Once again, if after playing for a while you feel like some things don’t work out quite as you’d like, please make sure to let us know.

  • Base Duration for crafting has been massively decreased to 10h / 12h / 14h / 16h / 18h (Common => Uncommon => Rare => Very Rare => Legendary), while Crafting DC has been increased to DC 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 25.
  • Consumables (like poisons and potions) take even shorter to encourage crafting & using them more during your adventure instead of hoarding them, with a base crafting duration of 2h / 3h / 4h / 5h / 6h (same DCs).

This should result in lower rarity items to be much faster to craft, while rarer items actually require a party member to be highly proficient in Arcana (not just anyone can craft very rare items without problems). Don’t be misled by the lower base crafting duration, a higher DC means you will fail crafting rolls more often - so very rare and above items are still a large time investment.

  • Standardized the price of enchantment crafting recipe to 10% of the cost of the final item.
  • Standardized the price of all primed items to cost 100 gp more than the base item.
  • Without taking the primed items into account, the price of the combined ingredients in a enchantment recipe should cost around 50% of the price of the final item.
  • Standardized the names of +1 (Acuteness / Smashing / Accuracy), +2 (Sharpness / Shattering / Sharpshooter) crafted weapons, and +1 (Sturdiness) and +2 (Robustness) crafted armors. Note: Hide Armor of Wilderness is an exception (replaces Sturdiness).
  • Added missing +1 / +2 weapons / armors crafting recipe: Studded Leather +1/+2, Hide +2, Chain Shirt +1/+2, Breastplate +2, Shield +1/+2, Mace +2, Morningstar +1/+2, Rapier +2, Quarterstaff +1/+2, Spear +2, Warhammer +2, Greataxe +1, Greatsword +2, Maul +2, Handaxe +1/+2, Javelin +1/+2, Light Crossbow +2, Longbow +2, Heavy Crossbow +2.
  • Renamed existing Mace of Smashing (+1d6 bludgeoning damage) to Crushing Mace to avoid confusion.
  • Crafting Manuals now have a slightly different icon between consumables, wondrous items, armors and weapons.
  • Tweaked a few recipes to now use all the existing ingredients (some ingredients prior to this update were never used in any recipe).
  • Removed some faulty crafting recipe and items from the Dungeon Maker, such as the scroll of Warding Bond or the duplicate crafting recipe for Potion of Healing.
  • Added Crafting Manuals for level 5, 6, 7 & 8 Spell Scrolls.

Crown of the Magister:

  • Heavily rebalanced the four faction shops so that they all start offering more interesting items on par with the Antiquarians.
  • The Antiquarians will still be offering Wondrous Items (including additional ones that they were not selling before).
  • The Arcaneum will now sell rare Crafting Components and rare Crafting Manuals for Weapon & Armor on top of the Primed Gear necessary to create them. Also lowered the Faction requirement for Primed Gear to avoid locking the crafting system behind a single faction.
  • The Circle of Danantar will still be selling all +1 / +2 weapons and armors - including missing ones that were added as well as the +1 & +2 Wands of the War Mage.
  • The Tower of Knowledge will now sell the Crafting Manuals for Wondrous Items, Magic Staves and Wands on top of selling the existing Poison Crafting Manuals.
  • Spell Scrolls and Crafting Manuals for Spell Scrolls have been redistributed between the Antiquarians, Arcaneum, Tower of Knowledge and the three priests of Caer Cyflen (Priest of Arun, Priest of Maraike, Priest of Pakri) - including the previously missing level 5 and 6 spells.
  • Dalon Lark now sells Potion Crafting Manuals, Bardic Instruments (all 8 of them!) and a few magic items.
  • Gorim’s crafting kits and tools are now sold by Hugo Requer instead. Also added missing Maul & Breastplate to her shop.
  • Added Wand of Identify and Wand of Detect Magic to Hugo Requer’s shop, as well as all previously missing magic focus. He also now sells all the different types of gems, including the valuable 300 Diamond required for Revivify; as well as Crafting Manuals for Basic Poison and Healing Remedy.
  • Circe Gerardoirin (the recipe vendor in the Manacalon Ruin) will now sell Crafting Manuals for +1 / +2 weapons and armors (Acuteness, Sharpness, Sturdiness, Robustness...). The Crafting Manuals for named weapons and armors are now mostly sold by the Arcaneum.
  • A few rare Crafting Manuals have been dispatched to some existing smaller vendors in the world. Make sure you check what they offer!
  • All items in shops except for Crafting Recipes and named magic items will now be re-supplied after a certain amount of time (can be very long for rarer items!).
  • Crafting Components that are neither sold by Arcaneum nor Hugo can now be found in Caer Lem once the Scavengers re-establish their base there.
  • Wilf Warmhearth and Atima Bladeburn in Coparann will now have more furnished inventories similar to those of Gorim and Hugo.

Supporter Pack

  • Added 68 new Wallpapers of Concept Art from Crown of the Magister, Lost Valley and Palace of Ice on top of the 37 original ones for a total of 105 Wallpapers.
  • Added 27 Concept Art of monsters from Solasta.
  • This content can be found in your Steam Folder ...\steamapps\common\SOLASTA\SupporterArtPack

Dungeon Maker:


  • Added a World Map Feature to the Dungeon Maker. Add your different locations on your World Map with paths between them, and create biomes and random encounters to spice things up!
  • Added the NPC Follower System. NPCs can now switch factions and join the party under your control! Note: Not all NPCs can properly fight, make sure you are using those tagged as Companions.
  • Added new Merchants Template to make it easier on new creators (Dalon Fall with all Ingredients & Primed item, Magic Smith with all +1 items, Scavenger Store merchant with all standard tools and items, Wandering Merchant with many cheap wondrous items).
  • Added Tools & Languages to the Ability Checks & Dialog Roles.
  • Added NPC & PC portraits to the new dialog UI.
  • Added Basic Arrow & Crossbolt Recipe Books in the Dungeon Maker.


  • Removed DLC lock for all items outside Palace of Ice exclusive ones (legendary items).
  • Handy Haversack & Bag of Holding are now classified under Magic Devices instead of Adventuring Gear.
  • Healing Remedy is now also classified under Magic Devices like the rest of the potions.
  • Added Restorative Ointment (& crafting manual) to the DM.
  • All music instruments (Bongo, Conch, Drum, Dulcimer, Flute, Horn, Lute, Shawn) are now properly classified under Adventuring Gear.
  • Mutated Dire Wolf Pelt is now correctly tagged under Ingredients (instead of Adventuring Gear).
  • Added Spider Queen Venom to the Dungeon Maker.
  • Arcane Shieldstaff is now tagged under weapon.
  • Added Commoner’s Clothing (Masgarth, Dominion, Northern) and Noble Clothing (Masgarth, Dominion, Northern, Cherry, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue) to the Dungeon Maker - those are just simple clothes, but sometimes the party may want to dress up as well!
  • Added 10 GP & 1,000 GP “items”, completing the selection of gold piles (1 GP, 10 GP, 100 GP, 1,000 GP and 10,000 GP items are now available) to make it easier to give specific amount of gold.
  • Removed Periapt of the Master Enchanter and its Crafting Recipe from the Dungeon Maker and replaced it with a DM specific version that grants proficiency with the Abyssal Agitator Tool.


  • Added 26 new conditions from the official campaigns to the 20 already existing ones. Make your Custom Monsters even more dangerous!
  • Distracting Gambit: Reduce AC by 1.
  • Constricted: Restrained & take 2d6 bludgeoning damage every turn.
  • Blinding Sickness: Disadvantage on WIS Checks, Saving Throws & Blinded.
  • Filth Fever: Disadvantage on STR Checks, Saving Throws & Attack Rolls using STR.
  • Mind Fire: Disadvantage on INT Checks, Saving Throws & Confused.
  • Seizure: Disadvantage on DEX Checks, Saving Throws & Attack Rolls using DEX.
  • Slimy Doom: Disadvantage on CON Checks, Saving Throws & Stunned for a turn when taking damage.
  • Cursed (Attack Rolls): Disadvantage on Attack Rolls against the creature that inflicted it.
  • Cursed (X): Disadvantage on X Checks & Saving Throws (STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA).
  • Dazzled: Reduce AC by 2 and unable to take reaction.
  • Reduced Armor Class: Reduce AC by 3.
  • Borrowed Luck: Disadvantage on next Saving Throw.
  • Distracted: Disadvantage on Concentration Saving Throws.
  • Frightened (Fear): Run away from the creature that inflicted it.
  • Sickened: Disadvantage to Attack Rolls & Saving Throws.
  • Feeble Minded: INT, WIS, CHA set to 1 and can’t cast spell.
  • Hit By Dirty Fighting: Blinded & Incapacitated.
  • Incapacitated: Can’t take actions, reactions or move.
  • Insane: Can’t take action & Move erratically.
  • Silenced: Can’t cast spells with Verbal components.
  • Demonic Influence: Controlled by the enemy.
  • Removed Invisible (custom monsters can only inflict conditions on their target, not on themselves. Turning their target invisible doesn’t really help them).
  • Removed a duplicate Restrained Condition (there were two instances of Restrained).
  • Fixed Drained Condition not appearing in the Dungeon Maker.


  • Fixed Barbarian’s Mindless Rage not working against Hypnotic Pattern.
  • The Unconscious tooltip now states that Short Resting will restore downed characters to 1 HP even without spending any Hit Dice.
  • Looting ammo will now replenish the ammo slots in priority before being stored in the backpack.
  • Fixed Kindred Spirits sometimes losing their HP & AC bonus when changing locations.
  • Fixed some Kindred Spirits not having the correct stats.
  • Fixed being able to equip shields by double clicking even without shield proficiency.
  • Fixed some spells AoE indicator not correctly highlighting enemies that are at the edge of the spell radius (but still within range).
  • Hopefully fixed once and for all the long delay that could occur when a Minotaur uses their charge attack.
  • Finally fixed a bug where inspecting a character sheet after cancelling Character Creation would show every skill modifier at -5. Thank you random person on Discord who helped us find the cause, I’m sorry I forgot your name!
  • Fixed text issues on Studded Armor of Leadership, conjured weapons such as Flame Blade, Barbarian Rage, additional damage dealt with legendary weapons, some recipe in the crafting menu, Beacon of Hope, Primed Shield & Armors, Expeditious Retreat condition, Sash of Transmutation.
  • Fixed some primed items missing their Primed tags.
  • Fixed some monsters making less attacks per round than they should be able to. Hulk smash. Many times.
  • Fixed looting containers not properly showing the looted items in the combat log. You can now see what the rogue yoinked from the barrel while the rest of the party was fighting for their life.
  • Fixed True Strike not properly following RAW. It is now back to being completely useless, and the world is safe again!
  • Fixed enemies being able to do a melee attack even if they get pushed outside melee range before completing their attack (for instance running in melee into a ready action Repelling Blast Warlock).
  • Fixed regular clothing mistakenly adding a penalty to Stealth calculation as if it were armor.
  • Made the background of the action panels and spell labels slightly darker to improve legibility in more luminous environments.
  • Fixed Leaf Scales (Greenmage Wizard) not working against ranged weapon attacks. Also updated its description to state that the damage reduction does not stack with successful spell saving throws (Leaf Scale will no longer trigger in that specific case).
  • Fixed Chain Warlock “Bind Sprite” granting them Fire Resistance for no reason.
  • Fixed Prayer of Healing upcasting only working per 5 spell levels.
  • Fixed Primed Wand not being tagged as Spell Focus.
  • Fixed Blade Barrier not having the “Concentration” tag.
  • Fixed Produce Flame not correctly adding Spell Attack Bonus when used as a Ready Action.
  • Fixed casting Levitate with Quickened Metamagic consuming the caster’s main action.
  • Fixed Blight not properly inflicting max damage on Plant Creatures.
  • Fixed Half-Orcs under the effect of Death Ward consuming both Relentless Endurance and Death Ward when reduced to exactly 0 HP.
  • Arcane Recovery / Natural Recovery now only appear after a short rest if spell slots have been spent.
  • Fixed Eyebite not having the proper Saving Throw behaviour for Asleep & Sickened.
  • Fixed Stoneskin not properly granting resistance to Non-magical Piercing Damage.
  • Fixed Blindness condition sometimes preventing line of sight from updating even after being removed.
  • Fixed the icon for +2 Leather Armor, +1 & +2 Studded Leather Armor, Warhammer of Acuteness, Scroll of Hilarity, Scroll of Dreadful Omen, Scroll of Malediction.
  • Fixed characters without proficiency in Sleight of Hand always rolling it with disadvantage.
  • Fixed Scholar of the Elements (Elemental Cleric) not working as intended.
  • Fixed Swift Retaliation (Shadow Tamer Ranger), Retaliation (Berserker Barbarian) and Swirling Dance (Freedom Monk) not working if the equipped weapon has the Thrown tag.
  • Fixed Holy Retribution (Law Cleric) hurting the Cleric instead of the attacker under specific conditions (something with it sometimes triggering even if an enemy was outside range, the Cleric hurts itself in its confusion).
  • Fixed Verbal Onslaught (Tradition Bard) not dealing the correct amount of damage.
  • Fixed Eldritch Blast having a lower range than Chill Touch.
  • Fixed Fast Aim (Marksman Ranger) potentially causing a freeze if a dead / dying creature is close to the Ranger.
  • Fixed Legendary Creatures sometimes skipping their turn after being CC’d even if the condition is removed.
  • Fixed Martial Art (Monk) not mentioning that it doesn’t work when wearing armor.
  • Fixed Gift of Life (Balance Druid) incorrectly stating that it heals at the start of the Druid’s turn instead of the target’s turn.
  • Fixed Greater Restoration not correctly removing Exhaustion.
  • Fixed Scale Mail of Robustness using the wrong crafting components.
  • Fixed Marked of Fate (Law Cleric) not allowing retargeting after death and fixed its saving throw occurring at the start instead of the end of turn.
  • Fixed being unable to learn a ritual from a scroll for Pact of Tome Warlocks in multiplayer.
  • Fixed invoked creatures turning hostile after being granted temporary HP and then having it removed (by taking damage from enemies for example).
  • Fixed AI sometimes being able to use two reactions in the same chain of actions.
  • Fixed characters attempting to interact multiple times with the same gadget if the player spam clicks on it.
  • Fixed Fiendish Resistance selection being cut offscreen after a rest if the character is in position 4.
  • Fixed Sorcerer clothes clipping into the leg of more muscular humans and dragonborns. GAME IS FINALLY PLAYABLE!
  • Fixed a very rare bug where a character could lose access to their spellcasting ability in multiplayer.
  • Reduced the difficulty of some lower level random encounters: 9 Bandits => 6 Bandits, 2 Hags + 2 Wolves + 1 Dryad => 1 Hag + 2 Wolves + 1 Dryad.
  • Fixed magic items / primed items / poisons random loot table to include some missing items added in later updates.
  • Fixed Primed Scepter, Primed Ring and Primed Wand requiring attunement.
  • Fixed Poison Bulb Traps being immune to Necrotic Damage.
  • Fixed Prone Characters making their “hurt” sound even if the attacked against them missed. STOP FAKING!
  • Fixed enemies not taking damage from Spirit Guardian when entering the AoE via special moves (burrowing, jumping...)
  • Fixed Winter Wolves healing when taking Cold Damage.
  • Fixed enemies being able to use Parry-type reactions even when incapacitated.
  • Fixed the Cloak and Dagger feat not showing any feedback in the combat log.
  • Fixed a strange case where having 2 different spellcasters cast Heat Metal on the same target would make subsequent uses of the spell damage the 1st spellcaster instead of the target. Personally I just think the 2nd spellcaster is trolling their friend, but hey.
  • Fixed another strange bug where casting Annoying Bee on target after casting Heat Metal on a different one would make Heat Metal damage the bee’d target instead of the original target. This is the proof that bees have transitive properties and heat travels through bees better than through Heat Metal. Hey stop saying “Neeeeerd”!
  • Fixed a rare case where Court Mage Spell Shield would no longer give any Temporary HP after reaching level 7.
  • [CotM] Tower of Magic: Fixed a blocker that could occur if you cast a spell far enough to aggro the Soraks in the Crown Room before the pre-fight cutscene starts playing.
  • [CotM] Failed Optional Quests should no longer appear in the Quest Board.
  • [CotM] Caer Lem: Fixed being able to get a character stuck inside a prison cell by drinking a potion of Spider Climb to get in and letting it run out. Did you get the prison cell ending? Oh, the prison cell ending is my favorite!
  • [CotM] Dark Castle: Fixed a spot in “Find a Way out of the Maze” that could break the main quest when using Misty Step to skip the maze.
  • [CotM] Dark Castle: Fixed an issue that could cause half the party to end up on the wrong side of the door at the start of the fight against Aksha if the party has more than 4 characters (i.e. Kindred Druid pets). I mean you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty smart move from the boss. What do you mean it’s unfair? GIT GUD SCRUB.
  • [CotM] Dark Castle: Fixed a scenario where you could get into combat immediately after teleporting out from Mardracht’s room if you did not fight Adam on your way to the castle.
  • [CotM] Spy Outpost: Fixed an infinite loading screen issue that could occur under some very specific conditions.
  • [CotM] Volcano: Fixed a potential blocker that could occur if a character opens the sarcophagus while the rest of the party is standing near the door.
  • [CotM] Lava Forest: Added some missing flying corridors.
  • [CotM] Lava Forest: Fixed the Dwarven Hammer quest item remaining in the inventory after finishing the Wartime Treasure quest.
  • [CotM] Mind of the Master: Fixed a small bug in the Arena where two chests could only be opened once.
  • [CotM] Caer Elis: Fixed a blocker that would occur later in Temple of the Lost God if the player managed to get around the campfire trigger with spells.
  • [CotM] Volcano: Fixed an issue which could make an auto-save corrupted after the fight with Arrok.
  • [LV] Fixed Garden Party Quest not properly appearing completed in the Quest Log if you start it with all the required items already in your inventory.
  • [LV] Fixed a serious bug that would cause a black screen at the end of Lost Valley when siding with The People faction.
  • [LV] Complex: Fixed “The Sphere Prism Key” quest starting if you already managed to enter Dark Lab through another means. Because, y’know... you’re already in, it’s not like you need that key anymore.
  • [LV] Complex: Fixed the Main Key on the Captain’s body only opening one of the two main doors outside instead of both.
  • [LV] Complex: Fixed an instance where The Prisoner quest could get stuck because a certain NPC was missing.
  • [LV] Fixed some quest items not being properly removed after their quest is complete (Forge Amulet, Secret Report, etc...).
  • [LV] Dinas Gessa: Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur when trying to travel to the Primal Wood after obtaining the Primal Threat quest.
  • [LV] Caer Hyfrid: The quest Secret Report now correctly fails if the player angered Orenetis (since they get kicked from the Palace).
  • [LV] Swamp: The quest The Lost Apprentice now properly fails if Lysantir is killed in his cell before opening the door. I mean you cast Fireball on him, what did you think would happen???
  • [LV] Swamp: Jungle Escort will now properly fail if you kill Hasbrudal. I’m starting to sense a pattern here.
  • [LV] Caer Hyfrid: Made Hannik immortal to prevent a blocker in The Witch Hunt quest.
  • [DM] Fixed the Roll Activator gadget using passive Perception score instead of rolling for Perception.
  • [DM] Fixed Catacombs Brasero_B not properly giving gameplay light (and not just visual light).
  • [DM] Fixed Town Paved_road_straight_1c / 2c / 3c and 4c flickering when put next to each other.
  • [DM] Fixed Town Doors not working properly with Activators.
  • [DM] Fixed Town Interior elevated room not working properly with props that can be placed on the walls.
  • [DM] Added a warning to prevent user from having two merchants using the same inventory in the same location.
  • [DM] Fixed User Campaign stored locally being flagged as a Steam Item after playing it in Multiplayer, preventing its Creator from editing it until they restarted the game.
  • [DM] Fixed Bed_B in Elven Palace, TownInterior, ValleyPalace being improperly rotated.
  • [DM] Fixed the DM Music Tracks showing 4x Wizard’s Tower.

Known Issues

  • Scrolls of Identify are defective and don’t work no more. The Wizard who scribed those scrolls probably wrote a typo somewhere, we’re on our way to fix it.
  • Demonic Greases don't properly work when applied to weapons for now. Our best dwarven smiths are still trying to figure out how to apply them correctly, this isn't exact science. 
  • Rock Gnomes played a little prank by copying the Shadow Gnome's homework and currently have +1 Dex instead of +1 CON. We'll be reverting that once they are out of detention.
  • DM: Mischievous Sprites have taken over the NPC Multi-line dialog boxes, making using them a huge pain as each key stroke will take you out of the dialog box. We've sent a squad of Fey-hating Rangers to take them down.

Upcoming Content & Adjustments (not in current patch)

  • Barbarian Magebane: Spell Crusher changes to Bonus Action (vs Action), can be used Prof. Bonus per Long Rest (vs short rest).
  • Bard Tradition: Manacalon Perfection changes to once per short rest (vs 1 per long rest).
  • Spellblade Fighter: Arcane Escape changes to grant Dodge until the start of your next turn (vs giving you +3 cell movement).
  • Court Mage: Spell Shield Temporary HP changes from 5x Level to 4x Level.
  • Heroism Bard: At Road’s End Heal changes to 4d12 + CHA HP (vs 1 HP).
  • Adding new weapon icons for: Spear +1, Spear +2, Maul +1.
  • Adding missing magic weapons: Greatsword +2, Greatsword +3, Scimitar +3, Gauntlet +3, Javelin +2, Javelin +3, Handaxe +2, Handaxe +3.
25 May 2023
Solasta: Palace of Ice DLC announced for May 2023!

Solasta: Palace of Ice DLC announced for May 2023!

Hey hey people,

Around New Year, we said that we were working on something big... And you've been patient. Very patient! Now, it is finally time for us to reveal the new upcoming DLC: Palace of Ice. By far the biggest update we've worked on so far, Palace of Ice is not only a new adventure - it is the continuation and the conclusion of the Crown of the Magister campaign.

Palace of Ice DLC coming up May 2023

As Caer Cyflen rejoice over the Soraks' defeat in the Badlands, the Snow Alliance cries for help. With the Kingdom of Gallivan suddenly declaring war on their neighbours, there is little doubt that these insidious creatures have agents everywhere – and that they always had contingency plans well prepared.

The Palace of Ice DLC is a high level 10 to 16 campaign that will take your party into the frozen lands of the Snow Alliance. The allies of Caer Cyflen need your help now more than ever, for Soraks are not the only foes that have been sighted lately. Other ancestral creatures have joined the battle, and there is little hope for victory without experienced adventurers to face them.

Don't forget to wishlist Palace of Ice on Steam to help spread the word!

This adventure features:

  • 2 New Ancestries. The Gnome and the Tiefling will become available in the Character Creator!
  • A continuation of the Crown of the Magister Campaign. Unveil the Soraks’ master plan and put an end to this threat once and for all!
  • Returning faces. Import your save file from a previous campaign to continue playing your previous party at higher levels, and meet characters from both CotM and the Ruins of Telema demo! Note that you can also create new characters if you so desire, as they will start at level 10 in Palace of Ice.
  • High-level encounters. Ready yourself, for you are not facing just goblins anymore! Get ever stronger up until level 16 to defeat the mightiest of foes! 
  • Co-op with up to 4 players! Just like the two other official adventures, Palace of Ice is ready to be tackled solo or with friends.

New Dungeon Maker content:

  • Four new environments: Mountain Caves (indoor), Dwarven City (indoor), Dwarven Settlement (outdoor), Snowy Hills (outdoor)
  • New monsters: Monsters from Palace of Ice will be available to use in the Dungeon Maker
  • [FREE] New World Map System: Place your locations on one of the three existing World Maps (Crown of the Magister, Lost Valley & Palace of Ice), link them together and add some spice with Random Encounters during travel!
  • [FREE] New NPC Follower System: Create follower NPCs who can join the party (controllable) to give them a hand during combat!

Free content update for all!

  • Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Half-Elves will all be receiving 6 new faces to choose from for free (3 Male / 3 Female)
  • Level 12 - 16 will be unlocked in the Dungeon Maker! Note that the Crown of the Magister and Lost Valley campaigns are still locked to level 12 max due to balance reasons.

Alright folks, this is the end for today! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

9 March 2023
Inner Strength Release Patch Notes

Inner Strength Release Patch Notes

Hey there folks!

The Inner Strength DLC is now available, with an extra serving of free update on the side! So, what's new? What changed? Everything will be revealed in the wall of text below.

17 New Feats (Free):

  • Arcane Appraiser: Magical Items are automatically identified when put in your inventory
  • Badlands Marauder: Gain +1 CON, resistance to poison damage and advantage on rolls against being poisoned
  • Forest Runner: Gain +1 DEX and +2 cells movement speed 
  • Mightly Blow: When attacking with a melee two-handed weapon, deal additional damage equal to half your Strength modifier (rounded up)
  • Cloak and Dagger: After hitting an enemy with a light weapon, gain +2 AC until the start of your next turn (doesn't stack)
  • Distracting Gambit: After hitting an enemy with a one-handed weapon, they lose -1 AC for 1 minute (doesn't stack)
  • Forestalling Strength: Gain +1 AC while wielding a two-handed weapon
  • Mender: Stabilizing an ally with a Medecine checks heals them by 1 HP
  • Blessing of the Elements: When taking fire, cold or lightning damage, you can use your reaction to become resistant to those damage types until the start of your next turn (once per short rest)
  • Trip Attack: Enemies hit by a melee Ready Action must make a contested roll (against shove) or be knocked prone
  • Daunting Push: Successfully shoving an enemy makes them lose half of their movement speed until the end of their next turn.
  • Ready or Not: Gain advantage on attack rolls when using Ready Action
  • Toxic / Melting / Burning / Icy / Electrifying Touch: The first time you deal damage with an unarmed or weapon attack each turn, deal additional poison / acid / fire / cold / lightning damage equal to your proficiency bonus (can't select Touch feats multiple times)

3 New Backgrounds (Free):

  • The Ascetic : Gain 1 language and proficiency with Survival, Insight and the Herbalism Kit
  • The Artist: Gain 1 language and proficiency with Persuasion, Deception and Performance
  • The Occultist: Gain 1 language and proficiency with Arcana, Deception and the Scroll Kit
  • Note: Unlike previous backgrounds, these 3 new backgrounds do not have a special quest in the Crown of the Magister campaign.

Gamepad Support (Free):

  • You can now play with controllers on PC! Hurray! 

Dungeon Maker Improvements (Free):

3 New Classes (Inner Strength DLC required):

Detailed information about each subclass can be found in the following threads:

1 New Race (Inner Strength DLC required):

  • Everyone say hello to the Dragonborn! These fellas get +2 Strength, +1 Charisma, Damage Resistance and a Breath Weapon linked to their Draconic Ancestry. For example, a Black Dragon grants resistance to Acid and an Acid Breath, while a Gold Dragon grants resistance to Fire and a Fire Breath.

General Improvements (Free):

  • Enemies who are immune to certain conditions will now display a text feedback instead of leaving the player to wonder if they are immune or if the spell is just bugged. 
  • Clicking the "Light" button shortcut (bottom left) while having a light active will now extinguish it.
  • Four types of instruments can be found for the Bard to use as spellcasting focus: a Flute, a Lute, a Drum and a Horn.
  • Added a "Toggle" Icon for Sorcerers' Metamagic. While toggled off, you will no longer be asked to select a metamagic option every time you try to cast a spell.
  • Unidentified magical weapons will now properly inflict magical damage. The fact of not knowing its nature does not make it any less magical, after all. 
  • Ready Action will now trigger when invisible enemies come out of invisibility to attack you.
  • Added Eldritch Blast, Viscious Mockery, Hellish Rebuke, Malediction, Dreadful Omen and Hilarity spells to the game (Bard & Warlock)
  • Added a "Fast Loot" system: looting crafting components out of bushes / flowers no longer opens a loot window.
  • Buffed most Kindred Spirits base AC, HP and damage as they were a little too weak. 
  • Added some missing Primed Weapon / Armor to merchants in CotM and Lost Valley. If some are still missing, please do reach out to us!

General Bug Fixes (Free):

  • Fixed new Temporary Hit Points overriding old value even if the previous amount of Temporary Hit Points was higher. It should now always keep the highest amount. 
  • Fixed a rare bug where Kindred Druids could no longer summon their pet until they leveled up
  • Fixed Heat Metal not working properly after the first few rounds. Now you can get back to cooking those Veterans alive, you monster.
  • Fixed a couple of range miscalculations where a spell's range would be slightly lower than intended.
  • Fixed Shield of Faith preventing the caster from casting Shield. "Because that would be too many shields, and THAT'S ILLEGAL!"  - no it isn't, get back to casting Shield you dumdum.
  • Fixed a rare instance where shoving could cause an error. Shove off, error. 
  • Fixed AC stacking incorrectly in some instances. Bygone are the days of Barbarians running around in their fancy Empress Garb for crazy amounts of AC. 
  • Fixed allied NPCs sometimes making ranged attacks by hitting air with their melee weapon. That's... that's not how it's supposed to work Beryl. Use your crossbow.
  • Fixed some tooltips which were showing duplicate and/or empty strings
  • Fixed multiple Hunter's Mark (from multiple Rangers) not stacking properly on the same target
  • Fixed Greenmage's Leaf Scale feature activating when they get counterspelled. Which made no sense.
  • Fixed Bracers of Archery granting damage bonus on melee attacks. AGAIN. HOW MANY TIMES MUST WE FIX YOU. 
  • Fixed Ranger Marksman's Reaction Shot not triggering against spells.
  • Fixed Greenmage's Leaf Scale also not triggering properly against spells.
  • Fixed Dragons missing their Blindsight feature
  • Fixed Shapeshifting as a Balance Druid while another character is dead to suddenly trigger a game over if no one else could cast Revivify. Basically the game went "wait, Druid can revivify, but Bear no can revivify. Druid now Bear, so revivify not possible now. Dead person no can be saved, game over". Oh game, you did your best.
  • Fixed Law Cleric's Holy Retribution text string - and hopefully it should no longer randomly deal damage to the Cleric instead of the attacker.
  • Fixed an issue where Confrontation (Lost Valley) could become impossible to complete if Karelia was killed
  • Fixed an issue where The Lost Apprentice (Lost Valley) could bug out if Lysantir died before reaching Orenetis or Hasbrudal
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent the completion of The Lost Book (Lost Valley)
  • Secret Report (Lost Valley) will now properly fail if you previously killed Cafrain's contact
  • Fixed Berserker Barbarians' saving throw against Frenzy not taking into account their magic items' bonus
  • Fixed bonus cantrips gained from subclasses being into account in the total number of cantrips known when leveling up (preventing the spellcaster from learning more cantrips)
  • Fixed Confusion's area of effect not increasing when upcasted
  • Fixed Marksman Ranger's Recycler not working properly while traveling on the World Map
  • Fixed several issues with Chinese and Russian where some text wouldn't appear
  • Barbarian Rage should no longer work when wearing Heavy Armor
  • Fixed an issue where Wind Druid's Sheltering Breeze could only be used once per long rest
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter Ranger's Whirlwind Attack would do absolutely nothing when used. Well that was disappointing.
  • Fixed an issue where... alright where do I start with this one. If your character falls unconscious while you had their inventory open, and you then use an item from there while unconscious, game goes boom. Congrats to that one guy for finding this bug.
  • Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning damage inflicted by spells should now be correctly considered "magical damage" for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity. Because one could argue that spells are, I don't know, magic?
  • Fixed a weird interaction between Rogue's Evasion and Draconic Sorcerer's Elemental Affinity that would prevent Evasion from triggering.
  • Fixed Marksman Ranger's Fast Aim being completely busted and targeting every enemy you hit previously on your turn. It should now correctly only target the last enemy you attacked.
  • Fixed Barbarian's Rage not correctly ending when they don't attack nor take damage for a round. C'mon they're strong enough already in Solasta, no need for freebies.
  • Fixed an issue where some Kickstarter backers' names were overlapping in Caer Cyflen's monument
  • Fixed an issue where ability scores would sometimes be unable to go above 20 even when intended (like with a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength)
  • Fixed Judgment Paladin's Aura of Righteousness not providing its bonus correctly on spells with multiple projectiles
  • Creatures under the effect of Hideous Laughter will now properly roll a saving throw with advantage when damaged
  • Fixed a case where characters would not become immune to Dragons' Frightful Presence after succeeding their saving throw
  • Fixed A Giant Step (Lost Valley) being stuck if you free Rugan after failing a Persuasion check
  • Fixed Grappled / Constricted conditions not being correctly removed if the character is forcefully moved (teleport / shove / etc). GET DOWN MISTER PRESIDENT!
  • You know how in most tactical games, flyings units take extra damage from bows? Well apparently, in Solasta flying units' weak point was... doors. They would INSTANTLY DIE if you close a door on their face instead of being shoved away. That should no longer be the case. The door meta is over, time to find another exploit against flying units. 
  • Fixed a rare case where Kindred Druids' pet would lose their damage bonus. C'mon they are already weak enough :(
  • Fixed a couple of animation delays that would occur in special circumstances with opportunity attacks, prone opponents etc.
  • Fixed an issue where The Prisoner (Lost Valley) could soft lock if you killed Orenetis prior to starting the quest
  • Failing to convince Orenetis in an important dialog towards the end of the game will trigger the battle as intended
  • Attacking Marin Ving at the end of the game will teleport Cafrain to the combat so he no longer blocks the fight by being out of reach
  • Fixed Oblivion Cleric's Herald of Pain's saving throw to trigger at the end of the enemy's turn instead of the beginning. 
  • Spells cast from inside a Globe of Invulnerability can longer be counterspelled from outside
  • Fixed crafted item disappearing if the crafter is over-encumbered when the crafting completes
  • Fixed being able to cast Black Tentacles in the air
  • Fixed not being able to leave Black Tentacles' area of effect after failing a saving throw once. What is it with you, Black Tentacles? Why are you causing so many problems?
  • Fixed some calculations which made certain spells range slightly lower than intended
  • Fixed Pass Without Trace missing from the Druid's spell list
  • Fixed a bug where Mardracht would be missing from his own cutscenes (wut?)

Multiplayer Fixes / Improvements (Free):

  • Fixed a bug where items could disappear when using "Loot All" if it would make the character over-encumbered
  • Fixed a desync that could occur when a player triggered fast travel while already moving through the blueprint
  • Fixed more desyncs that could occur when manipulating items in the inventory
  • Fixed a rare issue where the party could get stuck in a location if the host tried to leave the area exactly when another player started interacting with something else
  • Fixed another desync that could happen when giving items to the different factions
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from joining a lobby when the password was more than 20 characters. Wow those are some long passwords you got there.
  • Fixed a desync that could occur if a narrative sequence triggered while one person is still loading
  • Fixed a funny bug where if a shop is opened while you're checking another player's inventory, both character models would fuse into some nightmarish amalgamation. Ed...ward?
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit which could trigger when multiple players had their inventory open at the same time
  • Clicking on a player's position icon will now move the camera to them
  • Fixed pinging on controller sending multiple pings at once

Dungeon Maker Bug Fixes / Improvements (Free):

  • When playing Custom Campaigns, the game will now also auto-save after changing location / finishing a long rest (5 min cooldown)
  • Fixed the camera behaviour while in dialog in Custom Dungeons
  • It is no longer possible to name a Custom Monster with an existing internal monster name, which would cause other custom campaigns using the same monster to be hidden. That one took some time to find out, thanks to every creator involved!
  • Mana Lamps can now be set as on or off in the Dungeon Maker
  • Fixed loading screens between locations always being the same
  • Fixed an issue where a dialog could be stuck if no matching role was found within the party
  • Added many monsters that were previously hidden in the Dungeon Maker
  • Added many items that were previously hidden in the Dungeon Maker

Known Issues:

  • There is a long delay whenever quitting the Dungeon Maker before returning to the main menu.
  • The Kindred Spirit Druid has a bugged Spirit option with a weird name - do not pick it, it's a placeholder we'll remove in a hotfix!
  • Kindred Spirit's description text still show the old AC, HP and damage values instead of the buffed values
  • Some test characters we played with decided to stick around and made their way into the pregen category, they will be dealt with soon. Those characters are: Corthyn Dosa, Jane Storm, Iela Olfborn, and at higher levels the aptly named Lore08 Bardy and Hope08 Bardy. There are also 4 level 12 characters Burg Dormer, Esbery Dudley, John Guert and Ros Hasting that shouldn't be there because... well who's going to play with max level characters anway?
  • Monks don't get their bonus action attack when attacking while holding a torch. Apparently kicking with a torch in hand is not considered a Martial Art?
  • When picking up loot from the ground, you will often see the message "some items can't fit the inventory" - don't worry, that's a text bug. Unless your inventory is truly full, the items are actually picked up.

Alright folks, time for you head back into Solasta! If you're looking for people to play multiplayer co-op with, make sure to drop by our Discord Server to meet new friends!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

14 November 2022
Solasta is now available on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Solasta is now available on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Hey there folks!

Just dropping a quick news today to announce that Solasta: Crown of the Magister and its DLCs are now playable on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S! Read below for more details.


How does Game Pass / Microsoft Store work between PC & Xbox?

Purchasing Solasta: Crown of the Magister and any DLC on the Microsoft Store makes them both available on PC and Xbox! The base game is also available via Game Pass on both PC & Xbox.

Are the DLCs available on Xbox?

Yes, all the DLCs can be purchased on Xbox.

Are the save files shared between PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, you can continue your PC playthrough on Xbox and vice versa

Is there Multiplayer Crossplay between PC & Xbox? What about Crossplatform between different Xbox consoles?

Yes, you can play multiplayer with Xbox (Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S) & PC players (Microsoft Store, Steam, GoG) & Mac players (Steam) in the same session!

Is the Dungeon Maker available on Xbox?

While you can download Dungeon Maker maps & campaigns from https://solasta.mod.io/ and play them on Xbox, you can't create custom content directly via the Dungeon Maker on Xbox. The Dungeon Maker was deemed too complex to adapt to pad control, so creating custom maps & campaigns is limited to the PC version for now.

Can I use the pad on PC now?

Not yet! There are many additional requirements before we can submit a pad-compatible version on PC, so it's not as simple as it may seem. 

Where can I get the Game / DLCs?

You can get it on the Xbox store here!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

5 July 2022
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Our Team

The founder, Mathieu Girard, was co-founder of Amplitude Studios. For Tactical Adventures, he has gathered a team of experienced industry veterans, all with experience from major publishers or indie studios.

Brought together by our shared expertise and passionate about making games, we plan to remain a small studio of 15 to 20 people, efficient and focused on creating great games with powerful narratives.

We are all big fans of board games and tabletop role playing games, and the objective of Tactical Adventures is to design a unique experience on computers and consoles. Supported by experienced partners, we are a united and ambitious team.

Our Mission

Our goal is to recreate the feel of a tabletop RPG onscreen, through the faithful adaptation of rules and universes.

While computer RPGs have existed for almost 40 years, the technology has progressed, new forms of interaction have been invented, and Tactical Adventures has created some critical evolutions in computer RPG mechanics, which will bring the interactive experience as close to that of a tabletop RPG as possible.

Want to join us ?

There are no current openings, but if you are really talented at what you do and you would like to join us, feel free to contact us !


To learn more, contact us: