Created in Paris in July 2018, Tactical Adventures is a game development and publishing studio, focused on tactical role-playing games (Tactical RPGs).






The founder, Mathieu Girard, was co-founder of Amplitude Studios.                          For Tactical Adventures, he has gathered a team of experienced industry      veterans, all with experience from major publishers or indie studios.

Brought together by our shared expertise and passionate about making games, we plan to remain        a small studio of 15 to 20 people, efficient and focused on creating great games with powerful    narratives.






We are all big fans of board          games and tabletop role playing games, and the objective of      Tactical Adventures is to design            a unique experience on          computers and consoles.        Supported by experienced        partners, we are a united and                  ambitious team.






Our goal is to recreate the feel of a tabletop RPG onscreen, through the faithful adaptation of rules and universes.

While computer RPGs have existed for almost 40 years, the technology has progressed, new forms of interaction have been invented, and Tactical Adventures has created some critical evolutions in computer RPG mechanics, which will bring the interactive experience as close to that of a tabletop RPG as possible.












Our first game is a Tactical RPG, inspired by some of our favorite aspects of games such as Baldur’s Gate and XCom, using the 5th edition ruleset of the world’s greatest tabletop RPG. Our design offers technical and gameplay innovations in all three main aspects of this type of game:                combat, exploration, and narration.

The game will be developed in partnership with the community,                        especially with RPG enthusiasts. In order to create the best possible            experience with our first release, we believe that this kind of                            partnership is crucial.









There are no current openings, but if you are really talented at what you do and you would like to join us, feel free to contact us !






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