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Solasta graduates from Early Access on May 27th!

Solasta graduates from Early Access on May 27th!

Hey there folks! We weren't lying last week when we said that you'd get to know the launch date of Solasta soon :D

Solasta is graduating from Early Access!

On May 27th 2021 after a little more than 7 months in Early Access, Solasta will finally launch its 1.0 version with all the promises made during our Kickstarter Campaign! What a ride it has been, from the small prototype made by the hands of Mathieu Girard (our CEO and Creative Director) in Summer 2018, to the core team of Tactical Adventures shaping up end of 2018, to our Kickstarter Campaign and Ruins of Telema Demo in Summer 2019, to our Early Access launch in Autumn 2020... all of this leading to full release in Spring 2021! 

And we wouldn't have made it this far without you, our community, supporting Solasta in your own ways - whether by backing us on Kickstarter, buying the game on Steam / GOG, giving feedback and reporting bugs to help us improve the game, or simply talking about Solasta to your friends! To think that our Discord server, which had less than 200 members when our Kickstarter started now has grown to 5,500 members. Our tiny subreddit with 12 subscribers is now nearing 2,000 subs. And we just passed 3,000 Steam reviews and 45,000 members on the Solasta Steam group!

We'll have more exciting news leading to the final release of Solasta: Crown of the Magister - so keep an eye out for more information! 

Frequently Asked Questions - Launch Edition

Since we've announced that our next update would be the 1.0 launch of Solasta, we've seen a lot of questions going around. Considering not everyone has been on the Solasta train since our Kickstarter Campaign, we thought it'd be best to tackle them in a little FAQ so that people know what to expect from the full release of the game!

Will I need to buy the game again if I already bought the Early Access version?

No, of course not. If you already own Solasta: Crown of the Magister, it won't vanish from your library at launch - you will simply be prompted to download an update which will upgrade your Early Access version to the full 1.0 version. 

How long is the game going to be at launch?

Originally we were aiming for around 40h in total, sidequests included - but that number will depend heavily on your playstyle and the difficulty setting of your playthrough. For instance, for those whose Early Access runs already took 30h, you may not be finishing the entire game in 40h - there is a quite a bit of content that was not included in the Early Access version to avoid spoiling the main campaign too much!

Is the level cap going to be level 10? Not level 20?

Indeed, it has always been planned that the level cap would be level 10. We've announced from the start that you wouldn't be able to go past level 10 in our first game at launch. There are quite a few reasons for that, as each additional level would require:

  • Development time to implement the new features, as well as animations, visual effects and sound effects for each class. 
  • Time and money to design, create and implement new and higher CR monsters (who also need their own animations and effects), otherwise you would just demolish any encounter at higher level.
  • Time and money to increase the length of the campaign, meaning more work for the narrative and level design teams, as well as more recordings required. 

So we always knew and said that level 10 would be the limit, given the scope of Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Which doesn't necessarily mean that the level cap will forever stay at level 10 post-launch! 

Why are certain D&D classes like Barbarian and Bard missing?

Just like with the level 10 cap, we've been clear from the beginning that the 6 classes available at launch would be the Fighter, the Rogue, the Wizard, the Cleric - and the two classes that were added through the Kickstarter Stretch Goals, the Paladin and the Ranger. There is also a 7th class that has already been announced, the Sorcerer, who will be available in a free post-launch DLC for everyone. 

As for the other classes, they may be added in future DLCs but we don't want to make any promises before the game is out. That said, trust me when I say that we want to have them in Solasta as much as you do! 

Where is the Battle Master Fighter? The Vengeance Paladin?

Remember that Wizard of the Coast only granted us a license to use the SRD 5.1, not the full D&D license - meaning that we can only use what's in the SRD 5.1. This includes the vast majority of the tabletop ruleset and most of the classes, races and spells - but only one subclass for each class. This is why you won't find certain official archetypes, feats and spells in Solasta - which we replaced by homebrew content linked to our own setting.

Will my Early Access saves be compatible with the 1.0 version?

We are doing our best to not break save compatibility, so you should be able to play the 1.0 version with your existing post Spring Update saves. 

Should I start a fresh run at launch?

Yes, we heavily suggest you start a fresh run as we will have made many changes between the current Spring Update EA version and the full 1.0 release!

How complete be the game at launch?

Solasta will be fully complete at launch! As stated before, we have always been very transparent about what would be in the final version of our game, and you can track our promises back to our Kickstarter Campaign from 2019 - so you can go back and check if you want to.

We know some people have been burnt in the past by Early Access titles that had to release in their current state because they could no longer afford to continue development, but we can assure you this is not the case here - otherwise we wouldn't make so much noise about our upcoming launch, would we! 

Can we expect further updates after that?

While we don't plan on adding more content to the campaign, we do intend to make sure to keep an eye out for bugs, balance issues or popular improvements requested by the community - we're not going to suddenly disappear. Also, because the Dungeon Maker is a recent addition to Solasta, it will still be in Beta at launch - meaning we will be doing some Dungeon Maker upgrades as well post launch.

Depending on how Solasta performs, we might also work on some paid DLCs - but we have a game to finish first before thinking about that! 

Do you plan on supporting additional languages?

We can't promise anything for now - our four languages at launch will be English, French, German and Simplified Chinese. That said, we did spot that some community members started to work on a fan translation mod in Portuguese, so you may want to check the modding section of our Discord Server if you want to know more.

Are you going to improve facial animation?

We did rework some of the mugs we had in our Character Creator, but the visuals and animation for our character faces won't change drastically. Keep in mind that we're not a story-focused RPG, but a Tactical RPG - where combat is one of our key focus, just like in the X-COM series. 

Will you release Solasta on other platforms?

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is currently available on PC, but we did plan to have a Mac version developed post-launch. We unfortunately can't commit to a Linux version - unfortunately the Linux player base is simply much too small for a port to be affordable. As for consoles... we'll have to see how it goes!

Alright folks, this is the end for today! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

15 April 2021
Solasta Spring Update Patch Notes

Solasta Spring Update Patch Notes

Hey there folks!

The Spring Update should now be live, with a plethora of changes and new content! With the addition of the difficulty options, side quests and background quests, your Solastan experience is getting closer and closer to the final release. Well bugs and polish aside of course, Early Access has proved quite effective at finding and squashing them so far! But enough talk, it's time to dive into the patch notes.

Old Save Files are NOT compatible 

As stated in our previous articles, due to changes in existing systems save files from previous versions will NOT be compatible with the Spring Update. That said, we're adding a lot of side content in this new update, so restarting a fresh run will give a new experience where you don't have to run after the main quest! 

Note that we will put the previous version of the game (January Update) on a separate Steam branch so that you can keep playing with your old saves if you want to. And although one is never safe from a bad surprise during Early Access, save compatibility should hopefully be preserved from the Spring Update onwards.

Spring Patch Sales & Price Increase

Solasta will be discounted when the Spring Update hits the store on March 25th until March 31st, after which the price of the game will increase from $35 to $40 in anticipation of the 1.0 release. This is due to the fact that Steam prevents games from discounting within 30 days of a price increase, so we unfortunately cannot increase the price when 1.0 gets released while also having a launch discount. So if you want to jump in Solasta at Early Access price, make sure you don't miss the Spring Update sales! 

New Content / Feature:

The Dungeon Maker (Beta)

The Dungeon Maker is an in-game tool available directly in the main menu which allows you to create, edit and play custom maps. The video above is a quickstart guide - if you need a more in-depth guide, it is available in our Forums over there

How do I share the dungeons I created? 

You can access your custom dungeon folder by simply clicking the in-game "Browse Files" button in the Dungeon Maker menu. The folder can also be manually found there: "C:\User\[YourUserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations". Whenever you create a map in the Dungeon Maker, the game will create a .json file containing all the information with the same name there.

Where do I share the dungeons I created?

For the moment we're still working on Steam Workshop Integration. In the meantime, you could always drop by good ol' NexusMod where many other mods are already available (reminder: mods are community driven, Tactical Adventures has no control over them and cannot guarantee that they work properly). 

How do I play a dungeon I just downloaded?

Simply copy paste the .json file into you custom dungeon folder, that you can either access by clicking the in-game "Browse Files" button in the Dungeon Maker menu, or manually opening "C:\User\[YourUserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations". The new dungeon should then appear in-game in the Dungeon Maker list. 

I have a question about the Dungeon Maker!

Make sure you read the in-depth forum guide about the Dungeon Maker, and if you still have questions feel free to swing by our Discord server and head to the #modding channel!

Will you update for the Dungeon Maker in the future?

Of course! You might have noticed the Dungeon Maker is still lacking quite a few features, and that's because the Dungeon Maker will still be in beta when we release the full 1.0 version of Solasta (we've got to make sure we wrap up the main campaign properly first). There are tons of things we want to add later - quest systems, dialogs, merchants, more environments... Make sure you tell us what you'd like to see first! 

Major Changes:

  • Increased max level cap from level 6 to level 8. MORE POWER!
  • Adjusted Sorak Skirmishers, Sorak Warriors and Sorak Saboteurs stats to further differentiate them. Read more about it here.
  • IMPORTANT: A mistake snuck in at the last moment and Sorak Saboteurs have incorrectly been granted the power to Sneak Attack (2d6), which can make them extremely dangerous in combination with their Doom Laughter Power. This change wasn't intended, so if Soraks feel even harder than before don't worry it's (unfortunately) normal for now. 
  • The Major Teleportation Gates are now fully functional! Cobbler found at local tavern lamenting the loss of their best customers. 
  • The following spells have been added: Animal Friendship (Green Mage), Entangle (Green Mage), Giant Insect (Green Mage), Freedom of Movement, Wind Wall, Banishment, Black Tentacles, Blight, Conjure Minor Elementals, Death Ward, Dimension Door, Fire Shield, Greater Invisibility, Ice Storm, Identify Creatures, Phantasmal Killer, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire.
  • The following feats have been added: Ambidextrous, Discretion of Coedymwarth, Eager for Battle, Follow Up Strike, Hauler (reworked), Might of the Iron Legion (reworked), Powerful Cantrip (reworked), Raise Shield, Rush to Battle, Sturdiness of the Tundra, Take Aim, Twin Blade, Uncanny Accuracy (reworked)
  • Note: For Raise Shield and Twin Blade, keep in mind that the reaction pop-up only appears if the +3 AC boost can prevent you from being hit - so don't be surprised if you don't get a reaction trigger if you have 15 AC and the enemy rolls a 19.

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Preserve Random Seed has been turned off by default. If you're wondering what that does, we talked about it in detail in a previous article. Long story short, parallel worlds and time travel. El Psy Congroo. 
  • Removed one enemy from the first Sorak encounter in Caer Lem Caves. Poor non-tabletop players usually spend all their resources on Goblins and Flying Snakes before getting there, making them easy pickings for the Soraks. 
  • Removed one enemy from the Crown Room encounter in Tower of Magic. 4 vs 7 at level 3 was a little too brutal considering most Soraks are CR 1, even after a long rest.
  • Fixed Fly not allowing players to reach treasure chests in some areas. 
  • Character Proficiency screen should now correctly display bonuses to ability checks
  • Hovering items in the Crafting Screen will now display a tooltip. Because knowing what you're about to craft is somewhat important, I'd say.
  • Made HP values easier to read on the initiative bar.
  • Oil of Sharpness can no longer be applied during combat, as it takes one minute to do so.
  • Attempting to cast a concentration spell from a scroll while already concentrating on a spell will now correctly display a warning message.
  • Items are no longer automatically equipped when transferred between characters.
  • Monsters will now respect the spellcasting rules just like adventurers, they've been barred from casting two spells and are now correctly restricted to spell + cantrip when using their bonus action. 
  • Large monsters such as Giant Spiders should no longer be able to attack much higher than their model would suggest.
  • Save Files should now be smaller in size
  • Spellcasters should now be able to use scrolls directly from their inventory during combat
  • Feared characters will now run a bit less far so you don't have to spend multiple turns chasing after their fleeing butt
  • Adjusted Minotaur AI so it's a little more agressive, its axe has your name on it.
  • Refined AI spell usage to avoid spellcasters automatically unleashing all their most powerful spells at the start of the fight
  • Game Over screen when caught during stealth tutorial will now correctly tell you that you got spotted instead of telling you that you died (although let's be honest, you very likely died as a result of getting spotted anyway). 
  • Added Steamworks and GOG Galaxy Integration - note that Steam Workshop hasn't been implemented yet, we'll try to get that done for the full 1.0 release. 
  • Added new visuals on the World Map
  • Added clouds and stars in open levels' skybox for better lighting
  • Improved the lighting in the tavern cutscenes.
  • Arrows & Bolts which hit their their target now have a 50% chance to be recoverable after the fight on their body
  • Optimized performance in all areas
  • Added a message informing players to lower their graphic settings if the game crashed due to running out of resources
  • Monsters now visually swap weapons when attacking from melee / range. Gone are the days where you got whacked for 1d6 slashing damage with a bow by a Goblin. 
  • Characters should now move more smoothly on the grid and stack less on top of each other
  • Improved visuals in the Bestiary
  • Added Brightness / Contrast calibration screen when starting the game for the first time
  • Belt of Dwarvenkind now has a chance to add a beard to characters who attune to it
  • Characters now only turn towards their attacker if they get hit with a melee attack that they can see
  • Ranged weapon attacks which miss now properly... well... miss the target. Instead of the target going all Matrix style and dodging the arrow. 
  • Improved shading on haircuts and beards
  • Allied NPCs behind walls now have the proper color to differentiate them from enemies. 
  • Characters now properly orient towards their target with ranged and thrown weapons. 
  • Solasta should now be less power intensive when minimized 
  • Added some new crafting recipe and spell scrolls
  • Bestiary now includes monsters' passive abilities (like Child of Darkness)
  • Made many adjustments to loot tables, chests and merchants
  • Added many different poisons
  • Added loot to poor ol' Adam that players do so love to kill in Dark Castle
  • Added smithing tools to craft bolts and arrows
  • Beefed up Razan to make him stronger than Aksha
  • Defiler's "Darkness" have been replaced by "Dark Veil"

Bugfixes / Others

  • Fixed Defilers draining maximum HP on non-necrotic damage inflicted. Life drain is already tough enough as it is. 
  • Haste should now correctly inflict lethargy when the spell ends, hopefully after the fight is over or you're about to have a very bad time. 
  • It is no longer possible to ready a cantrip if you shouldn't be able to cast it due to component restrictions (Vocal, Somatic, Material)
  • Fixed additional enemies sometimes not joining combat correctly and just sitting there staring at you. Bystander effect, everyone.
  • Arcane Fury should now apply extra damage to the first Magic Missile projectile only. First one asking us to buff Magic Missile gets to meet the Adamantium Hammer of Bans +3. 
  • Scroll of Raise Dead can no longer be used in combat. The spell takes one entire hour to cast for heaven's sake, did everyone just go take a nap?
  • Fixed some monsters in the bestiary not appearing correctly
  • Creatures protected by Aura of Devotion (Paladin) are now correctly immune to Hypnotic Pattern (saving throws are still rolled, but they won't be affected even if they fail)
  • Fixed the description of Mark of Fate (Oblivion Domain), which isn't supposed to be re-targatable
  • Fixed Flawless Concentration allowing the spellcaster to ignore concentration rolls even when taking more than 10 damage (cheater).
  • Fixed a rare case where re-ordering the inventory would freeze the game for a short amount of time
  • Undead and Constructs are now correctly immune to Blight
  • The game will now correctly select the most suitable character to interact with traps instead of sending the leader of the party every time, even if the party hates their leader.
  • Fixed Spirit Guardians dealing damage equal to the previous AoE spell cast, which effectively turned the Cleric into a walking Fireball
  • Somatic Component setting no longer prevents casting when restrained, as per RAW (Rule As Written). 
  • Life Domain Blessed Healer Feature no longer triggers if the Cleric only heals themself like the selfish doodoohead they are. Yea that's right, heal me earlier next time! 
  • Fixed Might of the Iron Legion Feat not working properly. 
  • Lockbreaker Feat now correctly grants expertise if the character was already proficient with Thieves Tools
  • Greenmage Magic Arrow Feature no longer trigger on Firebolt
  • Ghoul's Paralysis is now correctly removed after a successful saving throw. That was pretty annoying.
  • Paladins and Rangers can now use scrolls again. They took some reading lessons and all is well now
  • Fixed a rare instance where unconscious characters would refuse to get up after getting healed once outside combat. Lazybones. 
  • Fixed Lay on Hands being able to use more points than the maximum HP of the target, effectively wasting some resources.
  • Fixed some sound issues that occured when Spiritual Weapon is out on the field
  • Fixed some instances where monsters would refuse to act and instead spend their turn goofing around
  • Fixed AoE looting not working properly when a character was directly on top of a loot bag. We saw you dude, don't try to steal from the party. 
  • Fixed a rare instance where the entire screen could turn black if you paused the game right before the camera teleported
  • Players are no longer able to pause the game during a fade to black screen, to avoid them from believing they're stuck in a black screen (since they paused the game at the wrong time)
  • Fixed being able to run through doors if you clicked behind them before they closed
  • Fixed some clothes & haircuts being able to stretch infinitely in some rare instances. As it was destroying the law of physics we had to put an end to that.
  • Fixed some sound issues that would occur when controlling a proxy spell (such as Flaming Sphere)
  • Fixed some armor parts sometimes turning invisible during certain cutscenes
  • Fixed a rare case where characters would spawn twice when reloading a save (doppelgängers have been thoroughly exterminated) 
  • Made particles spawn / despawn properly when a character is invisible
  • Fixed some NPCs having the wrong skin color
  • Caer Cyflen citizens no longer appear through the fog of war
  • Fixed time stopping when someone would strike the Minotaur with a ready action during its charge
  • Fixed 3d feedback being able to "detect" invisible creatures
  • Fixed clothes popping in between camera cuts during cutscenes
  • Particles now fade out properly instead of popping out of existence
  • Fixed flying characters animation sometimes bugging out
  • Fixed a rare crash when you try to fast travel with an unconscious character
  • Fixed character's hair popping out of the Plate Armor +1 helmet
  • Fixed being able to trigger a certain cutscene after completing the puzzle, which made no sense at all
  • Fixed being able to return to the Master's Room by using Misty Step after exiting it. Seriously there's nothing left for you to do there, just be kind and leave the place alright?
  • Fixed some props not properly blocking line of sight in the caravan encounter
  • Fixed a certain fight not triggering properly if Kythaela was sent alone. Shame on you if you used the NPC to scout for you. 
  • Fixed the resting area not appearing on the map outside the Wizard Tower
  • Fixed a certain stone in Coparann's basement not being clickable 
  • Fixed one particular door in Dark Castle being stuck closed under certain conditions
  • Fixed a quest marker incorrectly pointing towards the tavern after returning from Tower of Magic, instead of guiding you to the Council. Regardless, we all know where the party wants to go first.
  • Fixed the dialogue repeating itself in the cutscene when returning to Caer Cyflen from Tower of Magic with the crown. 
  • Angbi's Bones should finally be removed after the quest is complete - if not, you'll now be able to remove them from your inventory. 
  • Fixed some backer submitted names not appearing properly in the Character Creator name pool
  • Fixed being able to talk to Aksha while in stealth to "surprise" her when the fight starts. Yea no, the DM is going to call bullshit on that move. 

Known Issues

  • In some rare occasions, confirmation pop-ups may no longer appear - meaning you'll be stuck in a location, since you won't get a confirmation message asking you if you want to leave the area when stepping on Exit Areas or when interacting with a door. To fix it, quit the game completely and relaunch it (simply loading a save doesn't fix it)
  • After talking to the Council on your return from Wizard's Tower, you must go to the residence immediately. If you don't (for instance, you long rest at the tavern before going to the residence), you will be stuck inside the residence and won't be able to leave, effectively ending your run. To fix it, load a previous save and go directly to the residence after talking to the council. 
  • In the Lawkeeper Background Quest, clicking "No" when asked to travel to the sewers will permanently block you from accessing the sewers, thus blocking the quest. To fix it, reload a previous save. 
  • In Tower of Magic, if you do the "Research the Crown" side quest before the "Magister's Amulet" side quest, the puzzle of "Magister's Amulet" side quest won't work. To fix it, simply leave Tower of Magic and return there later.
  • If you click end turn exactly when "Victory" appears, you will trigger a game over. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. But I did find that funny when QA told me about it. 
  • Do not go to back to "Caravan" on the World Map if you don't have "The Collector" side quest active - without that side quest in your journal you will be stuck once you arrive there. 
  • In Tower of Magic, the "Magister's Amulet" side quest will spawn 2 elementals very far from you which unfortunately won't do anything so you'll have to hunt them down by running to them. Which is very tedious and we totally hate it too, so don't worry it's not intended.
  • Characters are able to walk in the air in certain places in the broken fort in Caer Lem.
  • Monsters may also sometimes decide to run back and forth instead of attacking a character. Which is of course not intended, as all monsters are ordered to violently maul any adventurer they encounter by their DM overlord. 
  • In the Dungeon Maker, the "Mood" parameter isn't saved properly and will always revert to "Crypt". 
  • Paladins can't use scroll of Raise Dead
  • Characters who drop to 0 max HP due to Defilers' Vampiric Touch can't be resurrected, forcing a game over.
  • Scroll of Freedom of Movement casts Fire Shield instead
  • Amulet of Health currently doesn't require attunement (it should)
  • Poisonous Bolt recipes are missing their correct name
  • Captain Verissa Ironshell is missing lip sync
  • Warhammer +1 currently requires attunement (it shouldn't)
  • Rolling 20 on a death saving throw skips the character's turn instead of letting them play
  • Reading a recipe book when you already know the recipe still consumes the book

Next Update?

Aside from hotfixes, we've got our sight now locked onto the final 1.0 release. Keep an eye out for more information about our official launch date!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

25 March 2021
Dungeon Maker Showcase - Create your own Dungeons!

Dungeon Maker Showcase - Create your own Dungeons!

Hey there folks,

You wanted it, we wanted it - modding tools to create your very own adventures in Solasta. We didn't make any promises back during our Kickstarter as we weren't sure we'd be able to make it before launch... But today we're happy to announce the Dungeon Maker - a map editor that will be accessible in-game to each and everyone of you! And we're not just making promises with a few screenshots here - here's a full video to show you what the Dungeon Maker is, and how it works!

Will the Dungeon Maker be fully complete when Solasta 1.0 launches?
No, the Dungeon Maker will be in a beta state for quite some time - even after the 1.0 launch of Solasta. In order to have a playable version of the Dungeon Maker and avoid putting the main game at risk, we've decided to start small and add features as we go (rather than being too ambitious from the start).

What are the current features of the Dungeon Maker?

  • Freely create dungeon layouts using a selection of preset rooms
  • Link multiple maps together to create larger dungeons
  • One environment available for now, the Necropolis, with its set of environmental props to decorate your dungeon
  • Almost all monsters and items from Solasta: Crown of the Magister main campaign to create your encounters and loot
  • A selection of traps (just a few for now) to punish greedy adventurers
  • Easy to share online, it's a simple .json file in a folder. We plan to add Steam Workshop later on so it becomes even easier to share.

What are the future features planned for the Dungeon Maker?
Provided we see people using the Dungeon Maker, we plan to add a Quest system, Merchants and other environments. After that... time will tell!

Can I import my own monsters / items in the Dungeon Maker?
No, at least not using the official Dungeon Maker tool on its own. That being said, it might become possible through the use of other community-created mods, as some have already started to create new classes and archetypes - so new items / monsters may not be an impossibility in the long run!

Where can I share my creation / download other people's Dungeon Maker maps?
 While Solasta will eventually be on Steam Workshop later, in the meantime you could always take a look at
Nexusmod - where you can already find mods from community members adding new feats, archetypes and other creative ideas! Note that we (Tactical Adventures) do not guarantee anything when it comes to user created mods - some may not work at all.

When will the Dungeon Maker be available?
Soon! That's all we can tell you for now :D

A little glimpse at the Adventure Book

Many of you Kickstarter Backers have been asking about the progress of our physical goods. We're happy to announce that we've finished working on the digital version of the Adventure Book - a short adventure included in the Adventure Box - and will be moving onto completing the Adventure Box next, before starting the layout of the main Solasta Setting Sourcebook (which currently sports a meaty 180 pages!)

This short adventure will take your party from level 1 to level 4 by diving deep into the Ruins of Carillach Gar!

The Adventure Book should contain everything to help new DMs run their adventure without additional material

Alright folks, this is the end for today! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Read our previous articles here:

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

2 March 2021
Dev Update #26 - Welcome 2021 & Community Feedback #2!

Dev Update #26 - Welcome 2021 & Community Feedback #2!

Hello there everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed some quality winter break, hiding under your blanket sipping hot cocoa like I did. In any case Tactical Adventures is back at work, ready to build features, create assets and slay more bugs! And we're not the only ones back either...

Our adorable feline friends are making a comeback too! 

What's been cooking since our Winter Update?

You probably noticed, the Winter Update was not exactly bug-free. And while nothing is ever perfectly bug-free - especially during an Early Access - let's not pretend that we were anywhere close to satisfied when we saw the amount of bugs this last update introduced. Which is why we're planning on releasing an update focused on polish next week, which will tackle most of the issues brought up by the community these last few weeks. 

The fixes should range from the most problematic ones, such as the one teleporting and locking you into a cutscene after killing ghosts in the Wizard's Tower, to more annoying ones that have been around for a long time, such as fixing some feats which just didn't work. In any case, we'll be releasing the full patch notes when the update drops as usual!

Any future content update plans in mind?

Honestly? We're not certain. As some of you already know, we've stated on our Steam Early Access FAQ that we're aiming for around 6 months of Early Access. While we can never be sure of the exact duration (otherwise we'd already have announced a release date), we don't intend to stray too far from that estimation. 

Every content update we drop has an impact on the final release of the game: we need to stabilize the build, test it, debug it and polish it before putting it on Steam, and our Winter Update was a good example of how things can sometimes go wrong when we don't allocate sufficient time for that. All of this is time invested away from completing the final game, since there's a good chance we'll be altering or breaking things again when we add or change game systems later on.

Which means we're currently balancing our options between A) solely focusing towards the finish line and get the final version of the game out so that everyone can enjoy Solasta in its entirety, with all its intended features and full campaign - or B) working out appropriate conditions and time to churn out another content update before that. And while the latter would allow us to have you try out new features and levels to keep the feedback coming on improvements and suggestions, there is always this little risk looming around the corner of impacting the final release - or worse, having to cut a feature or a level. 

That being said, it just might end up that we'll be able to release a content update around the end of Winter without having to compromise anything in our final release, but we've always been very transparent with you on the how's and why's when we make decisions. In any case, be certain that we'll keep you informed if or when we do decide to release a new content update!

Community Feedback #2 - More questions, more answers!

Alright folks, it's time to tackle them suggestions and feedback again! Get a warm blanket and a mug of hot beverage ready, this is going to be long.

Isn't Crafting a tad bit hard to understand (and kinda bugged too)? 

Indeed! As stated in some threads here and there, the Crafting System isn't fully implemented yet - which means that some recipes are bugged (asking for the wrong type of weapon for instance) and more importantly, we're missing some tooltip showing you what the crafted item is supposed to do. We'll be polishing Crafting later on, especially when we're done implementing all the magic items we intend to have in the final game. 

We're also considering relaxing Crafting requirements as well, as we understand it feels kind of bad when you select Herbalism Kit proficiency but then realize that you can't craft Potions of healing because you can't cast Cure Light Wounds. Although that is the official tabletop rule it is no secret that crafting hasn't been very well developed yet in the 5th edition.

Would it be possible to highlight the Active Character a bit more during combat?

So we did notice that quite a few people had issues following whose turn it was during combat, which could become quite confusing when so many units are in play (and not necessarily close to each other). We're already added a "Enemy Turn" overlay in our Winter Update, but we do plan on making some other improvements for visual clarity in battles.

Would it be possible to automatically refill quivers at the end of the fight (provided you have ammunition in your backpack)?

That would be pretty great! However while this seems like one of these "quick fixes", it is actually not that trivial. Making changes related to the inventory system is always a big risk, as there's so many things that can go wrong - and are not always easy to detect! One recent example with the Winter Patch was for instance being able to duplicate armors if you used double click to equip them (why only armors, eeeeh...). It's something we might try to add if we have the time - and while the coding itself might not take long, the testing resulting from that change will take much more time.

Would it be possible to use Dialog-related features (such as Golden Speech) during Cutscenes instead of having to pre-emptively doing so before talking to NPCs?

This is already in our (very long) internal Improvement List! Ideally we would indeed want players to be able to use those features when the dialog checks come up, as it can be frustrating to have to guess whether or not you should use your powers before talking to an NPC. 

Would it be possible to make passive Arcana Checks to recognize a spell before using Counterspell?

Yes! That is a fairly popular homebrew a lot of DMs are using, and we are indeed working on implementing this as we feel it rewards putting points in Arcana. Enemy's spell names will be hidden unless the party succeeds an Arcana check to recognize it, and we're considering adding modifiers depending on if it's a spell that one of the party members knows for instance. 

Is it possible to identify all magic arrows / potions at once provided they are the same?

Yes, this is something that should be already done on our side, so you will see it in the final game. With this change, casting identify on a +1 Arrow will identify every +1 Arrows in the character's inventory - same with potions, identifying a Potion of Healing will identify every Potion of Healing in the character's inventory. Note that you will still have to identify different potions separately, in the example above identifying a Potion of Healing won't identify a Potion of Giant Strength if you have one in your inventory. 

Can you add an On / Off trigger for Paladin's Smite popup? 

At the start of the project we had to make a choice between the Reaction pop-up (which is what we currently have in-game), or a toggle option (similar to what Baldur's Gate 3 has) which would automatically trigger the action if toggled on. Transitioning now to a hybrid system is something that is both very costly and very risky, as we would need to break down the entire Reaction system to build it back up with both the toggle and the pop-up systems working together. While we understand the reasons for wanting such a thing (clicking No on smite whenever you strike a lowly goblin can get tiring pretty fast), this is something we can only consider when we have more time at hand. 

Can you add an option to speed up time during battles?

This is actually an option we already have in debug mode, so yes it's absolutely planned. Now you might be wondering why we haven't added it to the game if it's already in debug mode - and the simple answer is because speeding up time can cause quite a few nasty bugs. Which is not a big issue when we're using it internally, but ideally we'd like to avoid releasing a bugged feature if we can.

Aren't random encounters on the World Map a bit too easy? It feels like free XP...

As stated before we'll be taking a closer look at balancing before the release of the final game, once we've implemented difficulty settings. Right now there are a fair amount of encounters that are too easy (such as the lone Minotaur next to the monastery) or too hard (such as Mardracht and his crownies) if we wanted to be consistent with difficulty, so don't worry we're aware of it.

Is the Fly spell not working? 

It works, but we've noticed a lot of players weren't aware of how to use Planar Mode to be able to properly move their character in 3D. We're thinking about highlighting the Planar Mode button whenever the player casts a spell like Fly or Levitate so that it's more obvious. For those who might be wondering, Planar Mode can be toggled on and off by clicking the button on the bottom right, which looks like 3 sheets of paper on top of each other (layers) located inside the compass - it allows you to select the elevation for your movement by using the Mouse Scroll Wheel. Otherwise, you can also do that by pressing Shift while using the scroll wheel 

Here is what the button looks like, in the middle of the compass

Ready Action does not allow you to choose which Cantrip to ready up...

Our Ready Action button is using a very simplistic version of the tabletop ready action, and we actually have a more complex design that we'd like to implement in the long run. We can't say for sure how it will look like or work right now (since it will depend on the time we have to work on this feature), but we do plan on allowing you to choose which cantrip to ready up in the future.

Can we have the Tabletop Rules for carrying capacity?

We do plan on adding an option to allow players to choose between the Carrying Capacity Variant (Solasta), the Tabletop Rule (15x Strength Score) or simply disabling the system (carry as much as you want). 

Will we eventually be able to stop / turn back during World Map travels? 

It's a request we've seen a lot, and it's a fairly logical one at that, so we do intend to work on implementing it. Also a bit different but in the same category as World Map, we plan on adding the "I" key as shortcut for the Inventory (for some reason it wasn't added on the World Map). 

Alright folks, this is the end for today! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

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Article by Tactical Myzzrym

6 January 2021
Winter Update, Community Stream & GOG Release!

Winter Update, Community Stream & GOG Release!

Hello there you beautiful people,

For those of you who have been following us on Social Media, you already know what we're going to be talking about. For the others... be ready to be showered with information! But before that, you know what time it is.

They love to play around with clothings in winter, I guess cats get cold too

One Winter Update, coming right up - December 14th

Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you! Honestly I wouldn't blame you, I just looked it up and yea it turns out Winter officially begins on December 21st, so technically it should be called "End of Autumn Update" - but then we'd kind of ruin the surprise, and no one likes that.

So yea, you get to enjoy some more Solasta right before Christmas, with all the new content and changes announced in the previous article. We'll be following community feedback closely after the update goes live, and roll out hotfixes in the following days in case anything goes wrong. Hopefully that won't happen, but you know how game development goes - hope for the best, plan for the worse. After that, most of the team will be taking a much needed break so communications will slow down a little, but worry not we'll be back in full force early January!

Note that your party won't be able to go above level 6 for now, which should be around the level you reach once you complete the new questline of the Winter Update. Save files should be compatible, but as always with Early Access we strongly suggest you start a fresh new adventure to avoid any potential issues! 

Full Patch Notes will be released on the day of the Update, and the list will be massive!

Community Stream with the Team - December 15th 

To celebrate the Winter Update, we'll be streaming live on Twitch and Steam on December 15th, starting at 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CET. Join the Tactical Adventures crew as we discuss the content of this new update, this time with additional members:

  • Mathieu, Creative Director and CEO
  • Xavier, Gameplay and Narrative Director
  • Karim, Lead Programmer
  • Eleonore, Producer
  • Pierre, Marketing Director
  • Emile, Community Lead (that's me!)

We'll be taking questions from the chat, so don't be shy and ask away!

Solasta x GOG - Release on December 14th

You've been asking for it ever since our Kickstarter Campaign, it's finally here! Solasta is coming to GOG on December 14th with the Winter Update!

Make sure you don't miss the release by hitting the notification button

Also if you are a Kickstarter Backer, we've got you covered. Soon after the release on December 14th, you should receive a GOG Key of Solasta Supporter Edition through CrowdOx - just like you did for Steam. It might take up to 24h, so don't worry if you don't see it immediately.

Alright folks, this is the end for today! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

9 December 2020
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The founder, Mathieu Girard, was co-founder of Amplitude Studios. For Tactical Adventures, he has gathered a team of experienced industry veterans, all with experience from major publishers or indie studios.

Brought together by our shared expertise and passionate about making games, we plan to remain a small studio of 15 to 20 people, efficient and focused on creating great games with powerful narratives.

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While computer RPGs have existed for almost 40 years, the technology has progressed, new forms of interaction have been invented, and Tactical Adventures has created some critical evolutions in computer RPG mechanics, which will bring the interactive experience as close to that of a tabletop RPG as possible.

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