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Solasta is now available on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Solasta is now available on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Hey there folks!

Just dropping a quick news today to announce that Solasta: Crown of the Magister and its DLCs are now playable on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S! Read below for more details.


How does Game Pass / Microsoft Store work between PC & Xbox?

Purchasing Solasta: Crown of the Magister and any DLC on the Microsoft Store makes them both available on PC and Xbox! The base game is also available via Game Pass on both PC & Xbox.

Are the DLCs available on Xbox?

Yes, all the DLCs can be purchased on Xbox.

Are the save files shared between PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, you can continue your PC playthrough on Xbox and vice versa

Is there Multiplayer Crossplay between PC & Xbox? What about Crossplatform between different Xbox consoles?

Yes, you can play multiplayer with Xbox (Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S) & PC players (Microsoft Store, Steam, GoG) & Mac players (Steam) in the same session!

Is the Dungeon Maker available on Xbox?

While you can download Dungeon Maker maps & campaigns from https://solasta.mod.io/ and play them on Xbox, you can't create custom content directly via the Dungeon Maker on Xbox. The Dungeon Maker was deemed too complex to adapt to pad control, so creating custom maps & campaigns is limited to the PC version for now.

Can I use the pad on PC now?

Not yet! There are many additional requirements before we can submit a pad-compatible version on PC, so it's not as simple as it may seem. 

Where can I get the Game / DLCs?

You can get it on the Xbox store here!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

5 July 2022
Lost Valley - Patch Notes

Lost Valley - Patch Notes

Hey there folks! Lost Valley is finally here, and with it comes a ton of free improvements such as the long awaited online multiplayer co-op mode. Also, if you have some friends that want in now you can play together, Solasta is -60% off and Primal Calling is -20% on Steam until April 21st!

2 - 4 Player Online Multiplayer Co-op Mode (Free):

  • Free update to all players who own Solasta, no additional purchase required!
  • Compatible with both official campaigns (Crown of the Magister & Lost Valley) and Dungeon Maker custom campaigns.
  • All save files can be played both in single player and multiplayer (you can continue a multiplayer session alone or invite your friends to help you in a tough fight).
  • All content is synced with the host - if they own the DLCs, you will have access to them too while playing with them!

New Features (Free):

  • Spellcasting Chants: Your spellcasters are no longer mute when casting spells, and we’ve added an additional spellcasting animation to boot! (you can turn off chants in the option menu).
  • Crafting Feats: Tired of having to pick specific background in order to craft potions and magic items? We’ve added two feats to solve that problem!
  • Surprise System Overhaul: Now more faithful to the tabletop rules with individual perception checks for each surprised enemy, making fights more even!
  • Random Encounter Update: Instead of surprising / being surprised, random encounters will now often be fought more evenly with both parties aware of each other. 

Dungeon Maker Upgrade (Free):

  • [Quest] Added a Quest Editor. Add quests to your Custom Campaigns to give players specific objectives and reward them with experience and items
  • [Dialog] Added a Dialog Editor. Give your Custom Adventures more charm and lore by adding multi-choice dialogs with NPCs
  • [Loot Table] Added a Loot Table Editor. Create your own loot tables for chests and monsters to control what the players get
  • [Monster] You can now change a Custom Monster's CR and add resistances / immunities
  • [Weapon] You can now fully customize weapons with additional damage dice, damage types, saving throws and even conditions
  • [Gadget] Added a multiple exit gadget that allows the player to choose which map they go to next
  • [Props] Added new props to existing environments, such as trap doors, destroyed furniture, corpse piles, rivers, towers...

New Level 1 - 12 Campaign (Lost Valley DLC required):

  • A replayable non linear story with multiple endings, as you will be the one deciding which faction to side with in order to escape the Valley.
  • Brand new environments to explore, Lost Valley does not take place in the same region as Crown of the Magister.
  • New foes to face, with iconic monsters such as Giants, Hags and Golems who will try to turn your party into mush.

9 New Subclasses (Lost Valley DLC required):

Detailed information about each subclass can be found in this thread

Dungeon Maker Additional Content (Lost Valley DLC required):

  • [Environments] Added 4 new environments from Lost Valley: Jungle, Swamp, Valley City & Valley Palace
  • [Monsters] Added new monsters from Lost Valley, such as Golems, Hags, Dryads etc...

General Improvements (Free):

  • You remember the one time that unlit torch on the wall succeeded its Dex Saving Throw against your Sacred Flame? Yea that's no longer possible, gadgets will now always fail their saving throw.
  • +1 and +2 versions of mauls, spears and crossbows are available at last! Now our dwarven weaponsmith will finally be able to go back to see their family.
  • Added Conjure Fey to the list of available spells. More creatures to summon! That couldn't possibly go wrong.
  • Damaged shared between the Druid and their Kindred Spirit is now shown in the combat log. Now you will no longer wonder when you lost all that health without ever being hit!
  • Redeemers now have a proper climbing animation instead of doing a UFO impersonation.
  • Druidic focus items can now be found in stores, druids rejoice! 
  • Flying units can now move through crawl spaces. You no longer need to cancel Fly to crawl through that little hole!
  • Arrows and other projectiles are now automatically stacked when opening loot bags. That's our Invisible Servant at work here, pretty neat eh?
  • Added a Wand of Identify that costs 500 GP for those poor parties of adventurers who don't have access to this all so important spell. 
  • High level casters will now prioritize using their more powerful AoE spells first, and cantrips usage priority has been lowered. Lower level casters will also do that if Deadly AI is activated.
  • Conjured Elementals no longer attack their summoner if the spell's concentration was broken willingly or if the spell duration runs out. 
  • Detect Magic can now be cast directly when right-clicking items in the inventory
  • Charm Person is no longer completely overpowered in combat. It now forces a target to skip their turn as long as they fail their saving throw on their turn.
  • True Seeing now automatically reveal hidden objects.
  • Automatic critical hits on paralyzed creatures are now properly explained in the combat log. 
  • Empty chests are now greyed out in the Blueprint (Minimap). You no longer need to remember what you already looted and what you haven't looted yet!
  • Added new textures to +1 and +2 Studded Leather Armors

General Bug Fixes (Free):

  • Fixed Druids not being granted Quest XP if they were in Wildshape form. I mean to be fair, how were the quest givers supposed to know they had to give a share of experience to that weird bear accompanying the party? 
  • Polished the jump and climb animations of Druids when in Bear form, which looked a little wonky.
  • Removed non-functional Eyebite scrolls from the game, and fixed the name of True Seeing, Freezing Sphere and Circle of Death scrolls.
  • Some monsters had wrong attack modifiers / AC and other values when compared with their attributes. Those little cheaters. Fixed.
  • Fixed some weapons not being properly oriented when held in characters' left hand. 
  • Wall of Thorns now properly deal slashing damage instead of piercing damage. Why? BECAUSE THAT'S IN THE BOOK, THAT'S WHY.
  • Fixed the crafting panel not showing everything properly when multiple items finished crafting at the same time.
  • Soraks and Werewolves now properly get disadvantage on their saves against Moonbeam. Because that's what the spell's good against. Shapeshifters. 
  • Fixed Kindred Spirit's stats being based on the Druid's animal form if summoned while Wildshaped.
  • Spike Growth no longer affect flying creatures. Because everyone knows Flying-type creatures are immune to Ground Attacks.
  • Fixed Brutal Critical not using the versatile damage die when relevant. 
  • Fixed conjured creatures sometimes appearing as "Unknown" because their own caster was too dumb to know what they summoned.
  • Accidently dragging and dropping an item to the same slot it was already in no longer consumes your action.
  • Elves and Half-Elves just remembered that Hypnotic Pattern is considered a Charm Effect and that they should have advantage to saves against that spell.
  • Action Surge can longer be used when incapacitated as the only thing it allowed you to do was twice the amount of nothing. 
  • The DM has started to keep track of magic item charges, players can thus no longer keep using magic items while out of charges.
  • After re-reading the rules for the hundredth time, the DM also realized that using a spell scroll should prevent the caster to cast a bonus action spell in the same turn. No cheating!
  • Multiple damage resistances / damage vulnerabilities of the same type no longer stack.
  • Cancelling a proxy action with the Escape Key will now correctly refund the action.
  • Fixed Uncanny Accuracy sometimes not working properly for Ranged Weapons and Ranged Magic Attacks.
  • Wand of Winter now correctly casts Ice Storm instead of Blight and Wand of Blight now correctly casts Blight instead of Ice Storm. 
  • Flaming Sphere now correctly gets upcasted when casted by a Shock Arcanist
  • Fixed some high level features / spells such as Volley or Eyebite not triggering battles when used on unsuspected enemies. What was that? Must have been the wind. 
  • Fixed Barbarian's rage resistance not correctly working against magical slashing, bludgeoning and piercing damage. 
  • Fixed Protection from Evil which was working regardless of the enemy creature type. Should have been named Protection from Pretty Much Everything.
  • Fixed Calm Emotion not working properly on allies.
  • Fixed pre-made Barbarian Preka somehow possessing the Protection Fighting Style. This change only applies if you delete your existing Preka character file from the folder though.
  • Fixed Ogres throwing their mace instead of their javelins. I mean granted Ogres are stupid, but not THAT stupid.
  • Fixed Hunter's Mark working with Magic Missile, turning any enemy into swiss cheese.
  • Fixed Detect Magic not properly requiring Concentration.
  • Fixed Arcane Fury not being properly applied to Sunbeam.
  • Fixed Staff of Healing not granting the caster ability bonus that it should.
  • Fixed Pendant of the Healer being permanently stuck at zero charge. Surprisingly the players did not find this as funny as the DM did. 
  • Fixed concentration spells breaking when Druids would lose their Wildshape form.
  • Fixed Wildshaped Druids sometimes become completely undetectable by enemies when stealth.
  • Fixed Magic Weapon being able to target magical weapons, which did absolutely NOTHING. YOU LOSE. GOOD DAY SIR!
  • Fixed any buff / debuff being instantly dispelled the moment the party entered the world map, instead of running its normal duration.
  • Fixed Scrolls sometimes not being usable by casters even though they were part of their domain / oath spell list.
  • Goodberries can no longer be cast on the world map if the casting conditions aren't met (such as not having a focus equipped) 
  • Fixed Preserve Life being able to target creatures above 50% HP even though it only worked on creatures below 50% HP
  • Fixed being able to cast Levitate or Fly on already flying creatures.
  • Fixed grapple characters sometimes not being released from the grapple even after the creature's death. Damn those Remorhaz have strong jaws.
  • Fixed Chain Lightning not prioritizing enemies when seeking additional targets. Melee classes rejoice.
  • Fixed moving an enemy up or down with Levitate being a free action, leading to very fun tactics such as the "Deep Fryer" where the caster would repeatedly dunk an enemy in and out of damaging area spells such as Wall of Thorns. 
  • Fixed a few cases where an enemy would freeze in combat for several seconds before starting to act again. 
  • Fixed... oh lord that one is pretty bad. Fixed the Surprise System in the World Map being inverted. Basically what used to happen is that if your party rolled better than the monsters, you would end up surprised instead - and vice-versa, monsters would end up surprised if they rolled better than the party. This is why late game when your party's perception score became higher and higher you would end up getting surprised more and more often - even more if you were traveling at a slow pace. 
  • Fixed a few cases where enemies would run back and forth like headless cockatrices 
  • Fixed dwarves holding crossbows wrong. Don't ask me why, apparently they just didn't know how to properly hold their crossbow. Must have skipped crossbow holding classes.
  • Removed Large Monster repellent from stairs which made Large Monsters unable to walk up and down stairs in the past
  • Creatures will now play their idle animation after their emote in the bestiary to avoid excessive movement while looking at their stats.
  • Unconscious characters no longer have the right to roll perception against characters in stealth.
  • Fixed Berserkers being permanently in Reckless mode. Yes they be angry, but everyone needs to chill out from time to time.
  • Fixed Gold Dragons not being immune to fire. What is this travesty?!
  • Fixed Druids and Sorcerers previously not being able to use Wand of Lightning Bolt
  • Fixed Spiritual Weapon action remaining visible even after being used during the turn.
  • Fixed Heat Metal adding a duplicate condition every time it was reapplied, granting the target a nice garland of Heat Metal icons on their profile.
  • Fixed Heroism being able to target enemies.
  • Fixed the Dodge button sometimes remaining visible even after being used.
  • Fixed Black Tentacles previously not requiring concentration.
  • Fixed Guiding Bolt not showing any visible light on the target, even though it provides dim light. 
  • Fixed a rare freeze that could happen if a character that is already dying receives more than their max HP in damage in a single strike.
  • Fixed an exploit where Paladins could use an infinite amount of level 1 slots for free smites. You get a smite! And you get a smite! Everyone gets a smite!
  • Fixed Protection from Energy lasting 24h instead of a single hour.
  • Fixed casting spells from scrolls sometimes not taking into account the caster's spellcasting attribute. 
  • Fixed being able to kill your computer when casting multiple unoptimized Faerie Fire. Since Revivify don't work on computers, we decided to optimize Faerie Fire instead.
  • Fixed not being able to cast Acid Splash on adjacent enemies if one of them is large.
  • Fixed not being able to mark Brightwall Shield as a focus
  • Fixed being able to interact with invisible statues during a certain fight which may or may not involve a dragon in CotM
  • Fixed Hurl Flame from Create Flame not being able to be readied as a Cantrip.

Dungeon Maker Bug Fixes / Improvements (Free):

  • [Gadget] Added a gadget to remove NPCs from the map
  • [Gadget] Added a virtual exit gadget that allows the party to exit the map by interacting with it
  • [Gadget] Added a teleporter gadget to teleport characters within the same map
  • [Gadget] Exit gadgets can now be activated / deactivated
  • [Gadget] Entry activators can now interact with other gadgets
  • [Gadget] Stepping on a plate activator will now behave as a toggle (instead of having to stay on the plate)
  • [Lore] Lore texts are now recorded into the Journal and can have custom display durations
  • [Items] Added some missing Primed Items
  • Campaigns / Dungeons uploaded without an image will now default to a Solasta Logo
  • Separated the campaign description field into 2 fields: description (campaign lore) and technical info (information for the player)
  • Full item name will now appear as tooltip when hovering items in chests
  • Activator plates will now be highlighted when Alt is pressed
  • Disabled gadgets no longer highlight when pressing Alt
  • Fixed an issue where traps would not activate properly
  • Fixed an issue that could happen when merchant inventories contained no items
  • Fixed an issue that happened where multiple campaign shared the same name
  • Fixed Cabinets not having collision
  • Fixed Custom Saving Throws & Ability Checks display
  • Fixed an issue where some housing props were not properly aligned in the "Town" environment
  • Fixed all lootpacks showing "CR 0"

Known Issues:

  • If you get the following error message when trying to start a Multiplayer Campaign "Error loading: Could not recover the necessary multiplayer information from other players", make sure to check your computer's clock time. If it's not synchronized properly with real time the security token generated may be invalid, thus locking you out of playing online.
  • There's an exploit where you can recruit a very important character (prisoner) too early during the DLC campaign, which makes the game go a little banana if it happens.
  • Under certain conditions, the end game cutscene only partially plays out (missing a part) and you will be stuck on a black screen instead of going back to the main menu (you will still be considered having completed the game).
  • In a certain boss fight, if the combat doesn't end because a guard is still fighting but you can't find him, he's hidden in a room and you will need to loot the key on the corpse the boss before opening that room.
  • Do not add characters such as / or \ in your character's name, it will render the character file invalid.
  • Borrowed Luck (Mischief Domain) can be used even when rolling a saving throw with disadvantage
  • Elusive Target (Mischief Domain) can sometimes last an additional round
  • The area covered by Vengeful Spirits (Haunted Soul) cannot be crossed by player characters

Alright folks, time for you to head into Lost Valley! If you're looking for people to play multiplayer co-op with, make sure to drop by our Discord Server to meet new friends!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

14 April 2022
Dev Stream, Multiplayer Beta Weekend & Lost Valley DLC announced!

Dev Stream, Multiplayer Beta Weekend & Lost Valley DLC announced!

Hey hey people,

We've been keeping it secret for a long time, but today's finally the day. We are announcing Online Multiplayer Co-op for Solasta - available in all existing and future campaigns, as well as custom Campaigns created in the Dungeon Maker! But that's not all, we're also announcing our next DLC: Lost Valley, coming up April 14th - a brand new level 1 - 12 adventure with branching paths and multiple endings, with 9 new subclasses and many new monsters and locations. And, of course, the free multiplayer upgrade for everyone!

Multiplayer Dev Stream March 16th

On Wednesday March 16th at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT / 5 pm CET, we will be hosting a Dev Stream on our official Twitch Channel. This time it will be a little different though - as we'll be showing off Online Multiplayer Co-op with a couple of veterans from our Discord Server. Make sure to drop by to check out Solasta Multiplayer a day before the Beta starts!

Solasta Multiplayer Co-op Beta Weekend starting March 17th

From Thursday March 17th at 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT / 4 pm CET to Monday March 21st 4 am PDT / 7 am EDT / 12 pm CET, a Beta Branch will be available on Steam with Online Multiplayer mode activated.

Tell your friends, boot up the game and enjoy some quality time beating up Soraks together!

Here is what you can expect from this Beta version:

  • Multiplayer works on the official Crown of the Magister Campaign and Custom Campaigns from the Dungeon Maker. However, Custom Dungeons (not campaigns) are not available in Multiplayer, but it is fairly easy to convert a dungeon into a campaign (we will put up a how-to guide to help newer dungeon creators).
  • You can play with friends all over the world, however if you do not live in the same region as the host you will need to select their region when looking for the lobby room.
  • All DLC content is synced with what the host owns, meaning that if they have Primal Calling all players in their game will be able to create Druids and Barbarians. However, that also means a player with Primal Calling won't be able to play a Barbarian if their host doesn't have the DLC. 
  • There will still be some desynchronizations - which is when something goes wrong and suddenly player A and player B no longer see the same things (for instance, player A rolls a 12 but player B sees them rolling 5 instead). When this happens, the host simply needs to save and reload that save to continue playing together.
  • Note: Multiplayer will be fully released as a free update to all players on April 14th, when the Lost Valley DLC comes out.
  • Note: There is no LAN mode, Multiplayer is online only.

On the day the Multiplayer Co-op Branch goes live on Steam, we will also be posting several guides on how to switch to the Beta Branch, how to Create / Join a lobby in Multiplayer, how to convert a Custom Dungeon into a Custom Campaign, and lastly what to do in case of desyncs.

Lost Valley DLC available on April 14th

Welcome to Lost Valley, a seemingly idyllic yet isolated enclave ruled by the benevolent (?) Orenetis

Available on April 14th, the Lost Valley DLC is a brand new level 1 to 12 campaign that will take your party into the lands of the Dominion. This remote place long forgotten by all is ruled with an iron fist by the tyrant Orenetis, but the arrival of your adventurers will light a fuse under this political powder keg.

This adventure features:

  • A replayable non linear story, as you are the one deciding which faction to side with in order to escape the Valley
  • New foes to face, with iconic monsters such as Giants, Hags and Golems who will try to turn your party into mush
  • New subclasses, one for each of the nine existing classes in Solasta
  • Play Lost Valley co-op with up to 4 players when it comes out, as all official campaigns are co-op compatible! 

9 New Subclasses:

  • The Commander, Fighters who can bolster their allies both offensively and defensively in the middle of combat.
  • The Hoodlum, Rogues who rely on intimidation and brute force to get what they want.
  • The Oath of Judgment, held by Paladins who seek to purge corruption and deliver justice wherever they go.
  • The Mischief Domain, granted to Clerics of Misaye who always seem blessed with good luck.
  • The Court Mage, elite Wizards who are masters at protecting others with their arcane powers.
  • The Swift Blade, silent and deadly Rangers whose purpose is to assassinate high priority targets.
  • The Haunted Soul, Sorcerers with symbiotic relationships to malevolent spirits, granting them horrifying magic.
  • The Path of Claw (Primal Calling DLC required), Barbarians with powerful dragon-like abilities.
  • The Circle of Balance (Primal Calling DLC required), Druids who are adept at both granting life and taking it away.

New Dungeon Maker content:

  • Four new environments: Jungle (outdoor), Swamp (outdoor), Valley Palace (indoor), Valley City (outdoor)
  • New monsters: Monsters from Lost Valley will be available to use in the Dungeon Maker
  • [FREE] New Quest System: Add quests to your Custom Adventures to give players specific objectives and reward them with experience and items!
  • [FREE] New Dialog System: Give your Custom Adventures more charm and lore by adding multi-choice dialogs with NPCs!
  • [FREE] New Custom Loot Table System: Create your own loot tables for chests and monsters to control what the players get!

Alright folks, this is the end for today! See you tomorrow on Twitch for the Dev Stream, or on Thursday for the Multiplayer Beta weekend! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

15 March 2022
Happy 2022, Community Stream incoming Jan 13th!

Happy 2022, Community Stream incoming Jan 13th!

Hello everyone!

The Tactical Adventures crew and I wish y'all the best for 2022, may your dice always roll well. We're also going to do a little Dev Stream next week on Thursday January 13th at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 6 pm CET with the usual banter about Solasta, game development, fun facts while checking out some Custom Dungeons from the Steam Workshop - it's been too long since we did one of those! 

There be hints for the next DLC in this image. Happy hunting.

If you don't want to miss the stream, make sure you follow us on Twitch!

By the way, quick news for our Kickstarter Backers! Both the Sourcebooks and the Adventure Boxes are now being transported from the factories to the EU & US warehouses, where they will be packaged and sent to each of you individually. That said, remember that in the current state of the world this can still take quite a bit of time, so we're hoping that by end of February everyone gets their goodies - but we'll keep you in the loop as soon as we have more information to share.

Alright folks, this is the end for today! See you on Jan 13th for the Dev Stream, and don't hesitate to prepare a few questions for us! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

6 January 2022
Primal Calling DLC & Free Content Update Patch Notes

Primal Calling DLC & Free Content Update Patch Notes

Primal Calling DLC Trailer

Primal Calling DLC Content

The following content is only available if you purchased the Primal Calling DLC. Full detail of each class and feature can be found in the following article.

  • The Barbarian Class, with its 3 subclasses: Path of the Berserker (SRD), Path of the Magebane (Solasta), Path of Stone (Community)
  • The Druid Class, with its 3 subclasses: Circle of the Land (SRD), Circle of Kindred Spirit (Solasta), Circle of Winds (Community)
  • The Half-Orc Ancestry
  • The Wanderer Background, with its brand new background quest located in Copparan

Free Content Update - Major Improvements

The following content is available to everyone for free.

  • Solasta is now available for Mac!
  • Level cap increased from level 10 to level 12, unlocking new class features as well as level 6 spells
  • Scars and Facial Paints customization options in character creation
  • Tired of playing through the tutorial? You can now skip it!
  • Rebalanced (harder!) fight at the end of the campaign - prepare for a challenge!
  • New Campaign Creator Feature, allowing custom dungeons to be bundled together into a campaign with custom monsters, custom NPCs & merchants and custom items!
  • New Town Exterior & Town Interior Environments for the Dungeon Maker

Primal Calling Community Video

Want to see what changed in more details? We have you covered! 

Features & Improvements

  • Solasta is now available on Mac (Steam only). Why no Mac on GOG? To be perfectly transparent, adding a Mac version on GOG means having to handle yet another build, which considering the difference in players between Steam and GOG plus between PC and Mac, is just too costly for a small studio like us. 
  • Skip Intro is now available in the Campaign Selection Screen, next to the difficulty setting. This will allow you to skip the tutorials and start in front of the tavern, with your quest log telling you to head to the Council
  • Added Caer Falcarn & Dun Cuin official custom campaigns to the Campaign Selection.
  • All hairstyles & beard types are now available on every ancestry, with the exception of Dwarven beards (which remain exclusive to dwarves). 
  • Added scars and facial paints in the character creator.
  • Arcane Recovery (Wizard) now works like in the Tabletop ruleset. Wizards rejoice!
  • Difficulty settings are now saved in your save files - you can now have multiple runs with different difficulty settings at the same time!
  • Increased max level cap from level 10 to level 12.
  • Added the following level 6 spells to the game: Blade Barrier, Chain Lightning, Circle of Death, Disintegrate, Eyebite, Freezing Sphere, Harm, Heal, Heroes Feast, Sunbeam, True Seeing, Wall of Thorns. 
  • Added the following Druid spells to the game: Produce Flame (Cantrip), Shillelagh (Cantrip), Venomous Spike (Homebrew Cantrip), Flame Blade (Level 2), Heat Metal (Level 2), Moon Beam (Level 2), Spike Growth (Level 2), Call Lightning (Level 3).
  • The final fight of the campaign has been made harder following player feedback and the increased level cap.
  • You can now check a character's voice in their character sheet and change it at will.
  • Rebalanced Conjure Minor Elementals, which was just way too powerful - instead of 1 Skarn Ghoul, 2 Fire Jesters or 4 Wind Snakes, you will now only be able to summon 1 Skarn Ghoul, 1 Wind Snake or 2 Fire Jesters
  • Resistance to certain damage types shown in the Bestiary now have text when hovered to detail if there are exceptions (such as Resistance to Slashing except for Magic attacks)
  • The extra D4 Roll granted by Bane, Bless & Guidance will now be displayed separately in the combat log (instead of being mixed with the other modifiers) as y'all thought those spells didn't work.
  • Survival Checks linked to uncovering monster knowledge at the end of combat are now explained in the combat log.
  • Updated portrait background colors during combat and added new visual feedback when a character switches side
  • Using Action Surge after casting a spell should now allow you to cast another spell. Note that due to how the power is coded, it will only work if you cast a spell, use action surge and cast a second spell. If you use action surge and then attempt to cast two spells, it won't work.
  • When ambushed while asleep, party members will now wake up on their own after the second round of combat (as the party is surprised on round 1 already) 
  • The game will now allow you to choose which party member casts counterspell when multiple party members can do so. 
  • Items that can't be sold at the merchant will now be greyed out when shopping. We also added an "Insufficient" text next to the cost if you're trying to sell items that are too cheap in small quantities.
  • Wizards should no longer be able to give their spellbook to other party members (as it prevented them from preparing new spells and caused a lot of panic for newer players)

Campaign Creator & Dungeon Maker

  • Added the Campaign Creator Feature: The Campaign Creator allows you to link multiple maps together in a single campaign file, and create custom monsters, NPCs, items and merchants to use in said campaign. 
  • Note: Custom monsters, NPCs, items and merchants are not available in the standalone Dungeon Maker, as custom content is stored in a campaign file, not in a dungeon file. 
  • Added Custom Monsters to the Campaign Creator: You will be able to select an existing monster from the Solastan bestiary and change its name, description, ability scores (warning: due to how our system works, ability scores only impact non-proficient saving throws), armor class, hit points, saving throws (overrides ability scores saving throws), skills and edit their attack (to hit bonus, number of attacks per turn, damage, damage type and conditions).
  • Added Custom Items to the Campaign Creator: You will be able to select an existing item from Solasta and change its name, description, content (for documents like scrolls or books) and price. Further customization may be added in the future (such as changing the damage dealt for weapons or AC bonus for armors). Note: To avoid crashes, custom items are removed from the party if you export the characters at the end of a campaign, as each custom item is linked to a specific campaign.
  • Added Custom NPCs to the Campaign Creator: You will be able to select an existing NPC from Solasta and change their name and description. Note: Once inside the Dungeon Maker, you can also add banter lines to your NPCs (explained below)
  • Added Custom Merchant Inventory to the Campaign Creator: You will be able to create merchant inventory templates from scratch, adding individual items, quantities, if they restock or not (and how often they do), if the merchant offers detect magic / identify services, how much they overcharge (by default 10%) and how much they pay for items you sell (by default 70%).
  • Added new Roll Activator to the Dungeon Maker, which makes the party roll a saving throw, skill check or ability check to activate it.
  • Added new TIme Activator, which triggers after a certain amount of time passes.
  • Added new Grant XP & Grant Item Gadgets, to go hand in hand with the Roll Activator
  • Activators are now compatible with more gadgets, such as traps and NPCs
  • Added new Exit & Teleport Gadgets, allowing to exit maps by interacting with the environment (such as a door), teleporting within the same map and selecting the destination of the party between multiple maps when leaving.
  • Added Town Exterior environment for more urban encounters or a place to rest and trade goods after a long day of adventuring!
  • Added Town Interior environment to allow the party to actually enter taverns, inns and shops. 
  • Added NPC Banter, allowing you to write banter lines for NPCs that will play when the party interacts with them.
  • Optimized item & monster list which could take a while to load when opened
  • Added minor improvements, such as adding a scrollbar to navigate more easily between maps and setting item quantity in chests instead of having to add the same item multiple times. 
  • Fixed several bugs related to the Dungeon Maker, such as every lootpack being named CR0 Loot, the compass not always pointing north (why?!), incompatible elements not being removed when switching environment or area activators being impossible re-enable after being disabled once.

And for those who didn't get to see it yet, check out our Dungeon Maker Trailer! More features to come :)

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized performance when multiple sources of light are active at the same time
  • Optimized saving to reduce / remove freeze time when an auto-save is being made
  • Poison applied through poison vials should now last until a successful constitution saving throw is made instead of automatically being removed after one round
  • Powerful cantrip will now only damage the intended target after missing when combined with Twin Spell Metamagic
  • Reduced spacing between Russian letters to avoid some menus going off-screen in rare cases
  • Removed the "Treasure" section from the bestiary as it wasn't in use
  • Removed the strange "Unhandled Double Clic" error message that would appear when you would double click a weapon slot
  • Sleet Storm condition tooltip no longer displays "Warning: Null Feature". Because it's not null. It's actually pretty great. Sorry, French joke.
  • Take aim now works properly. Long story short, it used to remove advantage & disadvantage… after the rolls were already made. Not so useful eh?
  • Slightly reduced the amount of barks when jumping
  • Sleet Storm will now properly remove the "On Fire" condition
  • The game no longer soft locks if a character dies by falling into a death pit during their own turn
  • The game will no longer freeze when an enemy under the effect of Dominate Person damages themselves. Stop hitting yourself!
  • Upcasting Vampiric Touch now properly increases the damage it deals on subsequent turns
  • Using Fast Hand (Thief Rogue) by opening the inventory instead of using the utility slot in the combat UI no longer uses your Main Action
  • Vampiric Touch now requires a melee spell attack in order to deal damage
  • Wall spells can no longer be cast in the air
  • You can no longer use a scroll of Magic Weapon on magical weapons
  • Young Green Dragons should now correctly use Poison Breath instead of Acid Breath, and Young Black Dragons should now correctly use Acid Breath instead of Poison Breath. I blame colorblindness for that issue
  • Being damaged under the effect of Slimy Doom (Contagion spell) now properly stuns until the end of the turn instead of the start of the turn.
  • Characters granting themselves temporary HP will no longer react as if they were being healed by an ally
  • Fixed Mountaineers not having advantage when shoving using their Bonus Action (Shield Push)
  • Child of the Rift Sorcerers will no longer trigger Rift Magic when casting cantrips. Since, you know, cantrips don't use spell slots.
  • Crafting should no longer go banana if you take the Master Enchanter feat while almost done crafting an item
  • Dead characters now keep being dead after a cutscene instead of playing their prone animation instead (while dead)
  • Decisive Strike (Battle Cleric) now correctly scales up at level 8.
  • Distant Spell Metamagic can no longer be used with Misty Step, which has a range of self anyway (it didn't even work, the game just yoinked a Sorcery Point for free)
  • Expeditious Retreat no longer grants you 2 bonus actions. 'Cause that's absolutely broken for a level 1 spell.
  • Fixed Main Menu sometimes changing color if you left the game in the middle of a cutscene
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game if the Unknown Hero died
  • Fixed a bug that could happen when attacking multiple times in the same round with a thrown weapon
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when starting a long rest (or anything else that skips time) while trying to select a target with a spell at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where casting Faerie Fire on enemies could make them unable to target them. Ironic, considering what the spell is supposed to do.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy portraits would remain in the initiative bar even after dying
  • Fixed a bug where granting the same condition twice on a character could remove said condition instead of resetting its duration.
  • Fixed a bug where Summons and NPCs would also receive a share of XP at the end of combat, thus reducing the amount of XP gained by the party.
  • Fixed a bug with the interface when trying to smite after expending all your level 1 spell slots
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when spamming Inventory and End Turn shortcut in rapid succession while in combat
  • Fixed a faulty auto-save location towards the end of the campaign which would not have the correct quest progression saved
  • Fixed a freeze that could happen when a Sorr-Akkath Tshar would try to use its Legendary Resistance to turn a failed saving throw into a success
  • Fixed a freeze that could occur if you spammed the "Sort by Ancestry" button in the Character Selection Screen
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur when an enemy died from massive damage during their own turn
  • Fixed a issue that could happen when summoned units turned hostile
  • Fixed a potential quest flow break if you completed the puzzle without triggering the cutscene with the Baron in the basement of Copparan.
  • Fixed a rare bug where items could disappear if your character had above a certain number of items, put them for sale and swapped characters before actually selling them. Probably just the merchant going hippity hoppity your items are now my property or something. 
  • Fixed a rare bug where scribing a spell could freeze the game
  • Fixed a rare bug where swapping a spell during level up as a Ranger could prevent you from completing your level up.
  • Fixed a rare freeze that could happen when summoned units disappeared
  • Fixed a rare freeze that could happen when trying to revive the crown bearer
  • Fixed a rare infinite loop that could happen if you broke concentration on Dominate Person while at the end of a combat.
  • Fixed a rare issue where scrolling through the inventory too fast could make it unresponsive
  • Fixed a rare issue where using a vendor to identify a magic item and switching to a different character inventory while clicking on items could allow you to CAST IT INTO THE FIRE! DESTROY IT!
  • Fixed a strange "Temporary Caption" text appearing when identifying magic items at your local merchant.
  • Fixed a strange bug where opening inventory multiple times during combat would make the lock icons of the locked equipment slots slowly drift towards the bottom left of the screen
  • Fixed a wall not actually existing in the Crown Room, which resulted in some Soraks going to hide inside that wall
  • Fixed a weird bug that would happen when casting Fly or Levitate on a flying creature, and then dropping concentration.
  • Fixed a weird bug where Soraks would gain an extra Blessing of Sorr Tarr buff icon every round (thankfully it was only the icon that stacked up, not the buff itself)
  • Fixed Advantage / Disadvantage tooltip sometimes not appearing properly when trying to attack an enemy
  • Fixed Aid tooltip showing instant instead of 8h
  • Fixed an error that could happen when casting Wind Wall directly on a large creature
  • Fixed an exploit when combining Mark of Fate (Domain of Oblivion Cleric) and Magic Missile, which could result in exponential amounts of necrotic damage. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a long waiting time after a Redeemer would burrow and attack a party member.
  • Fixed an issue that could make sorting characters incorrectly in the Character Selection Screen
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when a cutscene teleports your character into a proxy spell that you casted earlier (such as Wall of Fire). Ooooh, toasty!
  • Fixed an issue when changing zones multiple times while having summoned units in the party
  • Fixed an issue when trying to Intimidate Angbi - the character selected was not always the one with the highest Intimidation score
  • Fixed an issue where the combat UI would remain visible during a cutscene if it triggered at the same time as the combat ended
  • Fixed Aura of Protection tooltip showing {0} bonus to saving throws
  • Fixed Badland Hunters being overly eager to rush in with their longsword instead of using their longbow
  • Fixed being able to lock your own party inside the Master's Manor by helping the slave escape, going inside the cell and closing all the doors. I mean come on, now you're just asking for it.
  • Fixed being able to Twin Cast Guiding Bolt, Annoying Bee & Dominate Person twice on the same target
  • Fixed Bestow Curse (Damage) target not taking additional necrotic damage when damaged by spells with no attack rolls (AoE spells, magic missile…)
  • Fixed Bestow Curse incorrect duration. Although battles rarely last longer than 1 minute in-game, slapping foes with 24h of extra spicy curse in exchange for a mere level 3 spell slot sounds a bit too good.
  • Fixed Bestow Curse sometimes making non-existent bonus D4 rolls appear in the combat log when rolling saving throws
  • Fixed characters with certain personality flags not properly triggering banters when getting healed
  • Fixed Draconic Sorcerer sometimes not gaining the proper damage type resistance at level 6
  • Fixed Finesse weapons sometimes using DEX instead of STR even if your STR bonus is higher
  • Fixed footsteps sometimes not being synced properly with the walking animation
  • Fixed Great Weapon Fighting rerolling all damage rolls (including spells) while holding a 2-handed weapon instead of only affecting weapon damage rolls.
  • Fixed Half Plate of Sturdiness being a +2 Armor instead of +1
  • Fixed Greataxe +2 being named Greataxe +1
  • Fixed Heroism granting temporary HP at the end of the turn instead of at the start of the turn.
  • Fixed light sensitive monsters trying to run away from light effects that were cast on them (Shine spell for instance), which made them run back and forth trying to escape it (to no avail of course). They should now ignore it.
  • Fixed line of sights sometimes revealing hidden enemies
  • Fixed massive damage not killing party members who were already dying (on top of which no failed death saving throws were added either!)
  • Fixed missing description in some items
  • Fixed not being able to swap to your secondary ammo slot
  • Fixed Paladin Aura not being properly applied when the Paladin moved close to their ally (it would only apply at the end of said ally's turn instead of instantly)
  • Fixed powers & spells VFX being visible during cutscenes
  • Fixed Recycle (Marksman Ranger) not being usable during Long Rest
  • Fixed Solasta's clock incorrectly showing 12:00 PM at 12:00 AM and vice-versa. Give us a break, we're used to the 24-hour clock here!
  • Fixed some magic armors showing AC calculations in their minimal strength requirement tooltip
  • Fixed some monsters refusing to use certain spells they were given. Slackers.
  • Fixed some monsters stats who didn't have proper attack / damage bonus compared to their attributes
  • Fixed some shadows popping in and out when moving the camera around
  • Fixed Spider Queen Blood and The Burden poison vials not working properly
  • Fixed summoned creatures sometimes not appearing exactly where the user clicked
  • Fixed the campfire not being considered as bright light in the Canyon Random Encounter map
  • Fixed the game showing a disadvantage icon instead of an advantage one when trying to attack a prone enemy with a melee attack while not standing directly next to the target.
  • Fixed the Phase Spider not playing its attack animation after using Ethereal Jaunt (although the damage was dealt)
  • Fixed the tooltip showing additional effects on spells that don't get any bonus through upcasting
  • Fixed weapon action tooltip not correctly refreshing after swapping weapon configuration
  • Fixed World Map showing location names twice in Chinese and Russian
  • Fixed Lucky (Halfling) not working on Initiative rolls.
  • Fixed invisible creatures not being considered as fully visible when affected by Faerie Fire
  • Fixed magic items cooldown not ticking down while traveling on the World Map

Known Issues

  • Guiding Winds (Wind Druid) is currently only applied on weapon attacks, not spell attacks
  • A few NPCs & Monsters can't be targeted by Heat Metal although they should (bunch of cheaters)
  • Remorhaz T-poses when it tries to swallow a character instead of using the proper animation. Asserting dominance, adding insult to injury. 
  • Some enemies disappear too quickly after their death, which hides their death animation
  • The game takes a quick coffee break whenever a party member fails a Strength Check against a Minotaur's Charge. 
  • That one's weird. If you cast an lasting AoE spell over a trap, and then move a character (not necessarily onto the trap), the trap will trigger.
  • RNG seed is only regenerated the first time you reload a save - meaning after you load the same save twice, you'll always roll the same dice result if you do the same action. I sense a distortion in the time space continuum!
  • Proxy spells can't be controlled while Wild Shaped (Druid)
  • Savage Attack (Half-Orc) does the wrong amount of extra damage when using a versatile weapon with 2 hands.
  • Fixed a portrait mismatch when deleting and recreating a character with the same name but difference face. Who are you, and what have you done with the previous character?
  • Dungeon Maker: Trying to save in a Custom Map that contains Roll Activators, Plate Activators, Teleporters or Banter NPCs will crash the save/load system until the game is restarted. We be fixing that asap, did a woopsie in our latest build.
  • Dungeon Maker: Roll Activators are missing their VFX when highlighted
  • Dungeon Maker: Time Activators currently can't be Enabled / DIsab led by another Activator
  • Dungeon Maker: Some flickering can be seen when a House Prop (Town) is placed near a wall
  • Dungeon Maker: Monsters & NPCs can't be placed on Low & High Ground yet. 

Alright folks, this is the end for today - time for you to jump back in Solasta! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

4 November 2021
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